4 comfort foods you should make

comfort food

Comfort food is something we all love and crave from time to time. It’s usually a dish that’s pretty rich, full of carbohydrates and evokes nostalgia or feelings of coziness and relaxation. It also requires a low effort, so it’s ideal for those people who may not have someone to cook for them, but who want to get a wholesome meal from time to time.

Sujebi: Korean comfort food

Sujebi is a very delicious comfort dish. It is comprised of a broth and sujebi, hand-pulled noodles. You can put whatever you want in it, make it vegan or give it a different flavor profile. What everyone likes about sujebi are “the noodles” which are actually just small pieces of thin dough cooked in the broth. It is very easy to make, and I personally use this recipe, but you can find a lot of other variations everywhere on the Internet.

Curry: spicy coziness

Curry is one of those foods that you have no choice but to love. It is easy to make, it is fun, and it makes your day brighter. What I love the most about curry is that you can make it suitable for both vegans and non-vegans. I have tried this vegan curry recipe, and I always make it when I want to eat more veggies while enjoying comfort food!

Congee: porridge with a twist

Congee is yet another Asian comfort food that is close to my heart. It is basically a rice porridge cooked in broth and served with various add-ins. I have seen some very interesting toppings, such as century eggs but even something as mundane as cooked carrots, chicken or scallions can be a wonderful addition. Just put whatever makes you feel warm and cozy!

Chicken noodle soup: a classic

Even though chicken noodle soup is a dish that I associate with catching a bad cold, I still love it a lot. It is accessible, healthy and, more importantly, it is what makes me happy whenever I have a bad day. Or makes my day better if it is already good. No matter what mood you’re in, this classic comfort food will make it better.

I hope this shortlist has inspired you to make your favorite comfort food or try something new! We have many more articles with delicious recipes, so don’t forget to check them out, as well!


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