4 changes in my hair and skin care routine that have changed my life

4 changes in my hair and skin care routine that have changed my life

As a teenager, I have suffered from acne, and I was embarrassed about going outside and people seeing my pimple face. Now I still have the occasional pimple but I found a hair and skin care routine (after many that have failed me) that is perfect for me.


Food and water

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I know, it is the most cliché advice found for skin care routine. However, when I was 18 I worked as a camp counselor in a city with no fast food restaurants and had to eat the found prepared by the cook. It wasn’t the tastiest and there were days in which I ate some biscuits instead of dinner, but over that summer my acne turned from really bad to manageable. And with the help of a good dermatologist, it became almost inexistent.

Now I sometimes eat a burger or pizza, but I make sure that most of the food is home-cooked.

As for water, it was during the same summer when I discovered the difference that it can make because it was extremely hot, I worked a lot so I also drank a lot of water.


A good dermatologist

4 changes in my hair and skin care routine that have changed my life

Again, very cliché, but if your acne problem is really severe you should see a professional.

The first that I have seen gave me a cream that helped me for just two months. And then I found out that she prescribed the same cream no matter the skin type to everyone she saw. The second one prescribed only natural creams that worsened my condition.

The third one was the first to look at my skin type and help me. And this is my advice: if your dermatologist does not look at your skin type, and makes some tests, then run and do not look back.

I, also, have seen a fourth dermatologist that said that the best cream I could buy contains an ingredient not found in Eastern Europe. That cream (cause I found it in Spain and spent all my money on it) is my savior now if I have a pimple cause it dries the annoying spot.


Macadamia oil, my secret weapon in my skin care routine

4 changes in my hair and skin care routine that have changed my life

After my face got clean I started to look for some advice on how to take care of my skin. I was in my first year at University in a city with a lot more shops that sold products that you can use for your hair and skin care routine.

Here I found a bottle of macadamia oil. I knew that some people used argan oil which I found a bit too oily for me so I tried macadamia oil.

It hydrates my dry skin, and supposedly the benefits prevent wrinkles. I put two splashes on my face before going to sleep, use my cold face roller, and feel amazing.


Double shampooing and double-cleansing

4 changes in my hair and skin care routine that have changed my life

I admit I found this silly before trying. Now my hair does not become oily as fast as before.

The recipe is simple: after you used shampoo, rinse and repeat the process.

Supposedly, the first wash breaks the oil, dirt, and other products from your scalp, and the second wash permits the good stuff from your shampoo to help your scalp and hair.

I also use shampoo only on my scalp, never on the roots, and make sure that my washing sessions are not so frequent.

And for my face, I use two cleansers: one with oil that cleans my face from dirt, SPF, and then a water-based cleanser for the other impurities. And you can see the difference on the cotton pads. And because of this I only exfoliate twice a week, and not daily.


But take my advice with a grain of salt. What works for me, might not work for you and this is because we have different skin and hair types which need different approaches. There is no magic formula that will work for everyone. There is only trial and defeat until you find the perfect routine.




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