4 beautiful rare flowers from all over the world

4 beautiful rare flowers from all over the world

Despite if you are a boy or a girl, each one of you at some point decided to admire the beautiful nature, flowers around us. We are all used to have and watch some type of flowers that we know since we were little kids, but do we know all the flowers from the whole world?

Besides the common ones which we find in other countries, there are some rare flowers known to only 10 % of the population. Therefore, here are 4 beautiful rare flowers that I assure you didn’t know about.

  • Strongylodon macrobotrys

4 beautiful rare flowers from all over the world

This is by far, my favourite flower, due to its unique beautiful blue-turquoise colour.

This masterpiece is found only on the Philippines Island and is very rare nowadays because of the local deforestation. This species can have up to 75 flowers or even more, it depends on how good the environment is and how well is the plant treated. Also, the flower can reach as much as 3 m long.

I think anyone would like to have this beautiful peace in their homes, to put it somewhere on the wall and to flow like a waterfall on it.

  • Amorphophallus titanium – the corpse flower

4 beautiful rare flowers from all over the worldI know it has a horrifying name, and this flower is indeed a horror one. It could be easily used in a horror movie or a thriller due to it looks and vibes that she offers.

It is, of course, a morbid flower, but as frightening as it looks, so strange is the story behind it.

This flower is located somewhere in Sumatra, and the story of how this plant is alive is really strange for everyone: the flower has no stem, leaves or roots, and it only survives with the help of the Sumatran vine. Its flowers are 6 meters high and 3 meters in diameter.

And for the last creepy thing about this plant, it smells isn’t a scented one, the plant actually emits a very corpse-like odour.

So, good look visiting this type of plant, and I hope you will not get scared thinking is a real corpse near you.

  • Youtan Poluo

4 beautiful rare flowers from all over the worldThis flower is majestic, due to its looks and due to it story behind it. It has a beautiful white colour, which emanates purity, and it is very beautiful raised, in a very unique form and at the same time, it is a little bit strange.

This flower is really special because it holds behind it a really interesting legend in India.

The legend says that this plant blooms only when the king of the future, King Sage, visits the world of the present. So, I think this flower is very special for the Indian culture and it holds a lot of power for the story it has.

  • Strelitzia reginae – Bird of Paradise

4 beautiful rare flowers from all over the worldStrelitzia is an exotic and unique flower, that is similar to a bird due to its form and colour. This is why this plant has the name ” Bird of Paradise ” because it really looks like a bird with many colours.

This plant grows only in South Africa part and can reach a height of 1.5 meters.

The species attracts a lot of people because of its vivid, unique colours and unusual shape.

Therefore, it says that this plant symbolizes freedom and appreciation within the people.

I hope you enjoyed my 4 beautiful rare flowers from all over the world and you learned something new today.



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