Friends: 4 amazing reasons why you should watch it

You’ve probably heard people around you being obsessed with Friends or watching it – and in the following article, I’m going to give you 4 reasons why you should definitely watch Friends.

1.It is considered therapeutic

In America, various psychologists and therapists recommend watching Friends to heal depression and anxiety – or at least soothe the symptoms. The combination of witty jokes, friendship, and funny events turn everyone who watches Friends into a joyful companion for the characters in the show!

Friends: 4 amazing reasons why you should watch it

2.Some of the jokes have become iconic

Of course, this is not particularly a relevant reason to watch the show, because I don’t encourage doing something just because it is a famous thing – but some of the jokes in the show have become iconic.

For instance, Ross shouting “Pivot” repeatedly when he, Rachel and Chandler, had to transport a couch to his apartment is, indeed, classic! Or Monica screaming “I know, I know, I know” in a very squeaky yet adorable manner is representative for the show – and the examples could go further.

Friends: 4 amazing reasons why you should watch it

3.The characters are totally relatable

We’ve all grown tired of shows that imply perfect people, that literally have no flaws and succeed all the time, no matter what situation they encounter. Well – the 6 Friends don’t fall into that category. They often mess everything up and have a hard time trying to solve the problems that show up. We could say they are very human – very real despite the fact that they are characters from a show.

Friends: 4 amazing reasons why you should watch it

4.The episodes are really short

Most people don’t watch series because they don’t have the time to do that – and I totally get it: when you are really busy and you barely got time to eat and take a shower, you don’t want to watch an episode that lasts for 40-50 minutes. It’s all right because a Friends episode lasts for about 20-22 minutes. It’s the ideal short break after an exhausting day, that lifts your spirits and helps you detach from the stressful day behind.

Friends: 4 amazing reasons why you should watch it

If the arguments above haven’t convinced you, just give it a try – you’ll meet beautiful people, with amazing outfits and very distinct personalities, that try to find their true love, fail and rebalance, that value friendship and evolve emotionally, physically, and financially!



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