4 amazing home cooking channels

home cooking channels

As I am pretty much a home cook at this point, one of my favorite past times is watching cooking videos on YouTube and learning new things and new recipes. However, I really enjoy the more experimental channels, and those who recreate dishes from shows or fast food.

Even though I love those ones, sometimes I just want to watch a cooking channel and find recipes for tonight’s dinner. In that case, I will usually skim through these home cooking channels, and hopefully you will too after reading this short article.

J. Kenji López-Alt

Arguably one of the best home cooking channels out there, Kenji Jay Lopez Alt always delivers great recipes that make for a great breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner. I like that he shows the messier part of home-cooking, the little mishaps and eventual failures.

Maybe more than the recipes, him showing this part as well makes the world of a difference for new cooks, since most of them are scared and think it always has to be perfect.

I personally swear by his tuna melt recipe that my boyfriend once cooked for me. Ever since then, I have tried some of his recipes and I am quite pleased with the results.


This little home cooking channel is amazing for a number of reasons. First of all, his videos are structured as a quest in a pixel-graphic videogame format. Second of all, most food is Korean, since the one who manages the channel is also Korean. And third of all, most recipes are short, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.

Personally, the tuna pancakes I have talked about in a previous article are a staple in my own kitchen, but other recipes I have tried are also amazing.

Nino’s home

His video on ttkeokbokki made me try it and, to be honest, one of the best decisions of my life. Besides the great recipes, the low-key ASMR feel of this channel and overall aesthetic, Nino manages to make me laugh with his funny jokes as well. This channel, like the previous one, focuses more on Asian cuisine, but it dabbles into more European or American-type dishes now and then.

Ethan Chlebowski

What I love about Ethan is that his videos are very thorough. Each video not only shows the recipe and the way to prepare them, but he also shows how much time it would take to prepare everything, as well as the calories and nutritional values of each recipe. Moreover, this home cooking channel dabbles in all sorts of cuisine, from eastern European, to Asian and middle eastern.

I hope you will check out these channels, as well as our other articles on cooking and food.


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