4 Amazing Anime to Help You Relax While Studying

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Watching anime is a great way to spend your free time. When you are tired or when you feel like everything is too much,  mindlessly watching a great series and finding joy in the small things you love it’s guaranteed to make yo relax. We should always remember to take care of ourselves and prioritize our wellness.

For me, watching anime is the best solution when I feel like everything is too much. It calms me down and enable me to escape from reality for a well-deserved break. I have always struggled with the stress that came once I started my exams, and I was searching for a way to forget about the tension and loosen up a bit. After all, everyone needs some time for themselves to recharge in order to function at their best capacity and be able to complete their tasks.

Watching anime can instantly lift your mood, forcing you to leave your confort zone and experience new things, leaving your tiring routine behind. And my favourite-it will keep you focused, allowing your mind to rest from all the worring and anxiety.

Next I’m going to present you 5 of the most amazing series to watch when you feel like  procrastinating a little bit:

4 amazing anime to help you relax with while learning for your exam

1. Shokugeki no Souma

Charming characters, never-ending comedy and last but not last, good food. Something about seeing people cooking fantastic recipes while I much on my pizza really soothes me. And the characters never disappoint in surprising me with their stunning  cooking skills and their amazing personalities I have to admit that I always fall for. Their determination and hard work always inspired me to try harder an give my best. It had many heart-warming moments, and also a lot of exciting food competitions which were truly invigorating. The  humor is also a plus with this show that never fails in making me smile and chuckle to myself.

4 amazing anime to help you relax with while learning for your exam
Source: www.onetechtraveller.com

2. Boku no Hero Academia

Being a fan of the shounen genre is the main reason why I really enjoy watching this anime. Sure there are other important like the character development, the good battles and the solidarity and deep friendship between the main characters never cease to amaze me. It is so easy to sympathize with the personajes, even the villains, and their back stories are always on point and really emotional. The adventure and constant suspense that comes with  the superhero  theme keeps me focused and let my mind wonder, forgetting all about my constant worries and, as I enjoy a good story.

4 amazing anime to help you relax with while learning for your exam
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 3. Saiki K.

This is a gold mine if you’re feeling down and have lost hope, just put your textbooks aside and enjoy a good laugh. The constant jokes and silly characters never failed to amuze me and wash all my stress away , to the point I was really dissapointed when the episode was over. I really loved learning about Saiki’s crazy psychic powers. Also the hilarious situations in which he always finds himself being dragged were priceless. You really don’t need to concentrate too much to follow the action so you can just let your mind take a break and simply  enjoy some absurd but really good humor.

4 amazing anime to help you relax with while learning for your exam
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4. Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun.

Just two words: impossibly cute. This is how I would like to describe the graphics of this show witch is just so adorable. The personages seem to be the perfect mix between engaging and lovable, with surprising personalities. Even if it’s also part of the horror genre, with some dark tint, apart from a little thrill and the indispensable suspense it was really delightful.The main characters attempts to solve the cases of mysterious apparitions in the school were captivating and intrigued me, getting my full attention. Also the connection between Nene and Hanako-kun was messing with my poor heart, making me melt into a happy little puddle.

I used to watch these even at 4 am in the morning, while pulling an all nighter and taking a pause from learning, and they always made me strangely secure and bubbly on the inside.

No matter what you choose, they are guaranteed to help you take you mind off your problems and let you recharge for a little bit. That way you can go back to studying feeling more calm and content,  and once you’ve had your dose of happiness, you’ll start to see things from a new perspective.

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