4 action movies starring badass women

Four action movies starring badass women

When we think about action movies, immediately our mind connects the dots and think of James Bond. What about a female in the role of a James Bond? Yes, women are always sensitive and their main interests are make-up and fashion. Or not? What if they can do both? Here are 4 action movies played by amazing women that really know how to fight for what they want.


Charlize Theron plays the role of an M16 invincible spy. The action of the movie is centered in 1989 Berlin, in the middle of the Cold War.

Lorraine Broughton’s mission is to find the list that contains the names of double agents. In the meantime, she finds out about a double agent, Satchel, who created many problems over the years for M16. Now, her mission is to find Satchel and to protect her identity from the Russians.


Anna is a young Russian girl who has been a victim of domestic abuse after her parents died. A KGB officer offers her a job to the Russian Secret Police, after analyzing her skills. The offer from the KGBis to work for them for five years and after that, she would be free. But things did not turn out well after her superior is threatening her that only dead people would leave KGB. Decided to find a way out and to be free again, she agrees to work as a double agent for the CIA. Would Anna be free in the end?


Gaby Teller receives the unexpected visit of a CIA spy, Napoleon Solo, who is trying to keep her away from the Russians. Even though they are running from a KGB spy, Napoleon fails to protect her. Nonetheless, the CIA and KGB agents, find out they have to work together to find Gaby’s father, who is believed to be developing a nuclear weapon in the context of the Cold War. Gaby is sure that her father is not the bad guy in this story and is ready to do everything to save him.


The movie starts with four centuries-old fighters who have healing powers. Andy, Booker, Joe, and Nicky’s main mission is to help innocent people when they seek help. Their superpower must remain secret, but without even realizing it, a spy for the CIA lays them a trap. Meanwhile, the fighters have a vision in which they discover that a new member will join the team. Nile Freeman is a young lady working for the U.S. Marine. Will Nile be able to keep up with experienced fighters and save them from the CIA?


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