355 people are quarantined in Italy! Coronavirus affects all the community!


Coronavirus strikes again! 355 people from Italy went into quarantine after several cases of this virus were detected in Codogno.

The local authorities are on full alert after the doctors announced many cases of infection with the deadly virus. After that, they took the measure to urge the people in the city to go into voluntary quarantine for two weeks.

“They have closed the Codogno hospital. Yesterday, all students at Codogno schools had coronavirus tests. Furthermore, they have closed schools, restaurants, and bars. People from Codogno, by ordinance of the mayor, will be in quarantine for two weeks. They were told to stay in their homes. They will not go to work and they will receive from the Ministry of Health a medical leave sheet ”, according to the local news.

Schools, restaurants and other public institutions were closed, and local children were tested for the virus. This decision was taken by the Ministry of Health in agreement with the two regions involved, Lombardy and Codogno.

“Since yesterday we are inside the house. Everything I know, I know from the press or from the Internet. I don’t know if this information is true or is just speculation. The reality is unknown. Of course, we have to stay inside. We were not obliged, it is not a mandatory quarantine, we were told that it would be better for us to stay inside the houses. Panic, alertness, fear, it is normal, we discussed with my husband, we are aware of the problem. Furthermore, we do not want to endanger anyone. If there are symptoms we will call the authorities. We are not allowed to approach the hospitals, especially the hospital in Codogno, surrounded by ambulances.”, declared a citizen.

This dangerous virus continues to plague the world, with the death rate increasing day by day.

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