3 amazing storytelling-centered YouTube channels


I love storytelling and bingeing YouTube channels about storytelling late into the night. If you do too, this article might be just right up your alley.

Everyone likes a good story. But most people often don’t really care about storytelling, or exactly what makes a certain story work. There are people who even try to write something, but they tend to write pieces full of cliches and with a predictable story structure.

For aspiring writers and not only, I compiled a list of three YouTube channels that tackle the subject of storytelling in an entertaining way.

Opened White Book

1. Overly Sarcastic Productions.

Over their YouTube channel, Overly Sarcastic Productions (often abbreviated as just OSP) have multiple series on different subjects, such as history or mythology.

But the one series that tackles the subject of storytelling is “Trope Talks”, in which usually Red, one of the characters of this channel, takes a certain trope, dissects it, offers example of the trope, and sometimes even explains why said trope works or how it can be subverted.

You can check them out here. 

2. Terrible Writing Advice

The videos on this channel do the exact opposite of what OSP does. In fact, I firmly believe that JP of Terrible Writing Advice should join the OSP crew since he uses a lot of sarcasm in his videos.

What JP videos do is really, really drive home the idea that the writing advice he  gives are terrible. But through the negative examples he makes good points on writing and stories in general, while also showing why the tropes he critiques are either boring, unoriginal, and sometimes even rooted in things like sexism or racism.

3. Savage Books

If the first two YouTube channels are more about fun and games, Savage Books tends to be more of a theoretical channel, but one that doesn’t skimp on the entertainment aspect.

One thing that I love about his channel is that he analyzes beloved series, such as Bojack Horseman, and in doing so, he gives a new dimension to the show, and makes the viewer truly appreciate the mastery the writers put into crafting a story, while also explaining how one can use the methods the author used as well.

Any of these channels is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about stories while also having fun and enjoying the journey. You can find here even more YouTube related posts.


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