3 Wholesome horror shows on Netflix for scaredy cats

3 Wholesome horror shows on Netflix for scaredy cats
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Horror shows are always a challenge for people who tend to get scared petty easily, like me. However, I do enjoy watching them and I’m always looking for something mild that won’t scare me too much. Just the perfect amount of fear. That’s why I really like it when they have a good plot, some kind of mystery and a good amount of adventure and fighting, so I can concentrate on something else. And there’s always the good ol’ skip button to save my day when things get too terrifying.

If you are a scaredy-cat like me, it’s better to try and find some horror shows which you absolutely know it’s just fiction and can’t happen in real life so you can just rest assured. Or something that doesn’t have so much gore, as we don’t want to be traumatized. I have some suggestions for each of these.

Here are 3 amazing horror shows even a coward like me can watch.

3 Wholesome horror shows on Netflix for scaredy cats
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1. Girl from nowhere

This is a Thai fantasy, mystery, and horror show which is focused on a strange girl named Nanno as she appears to be punishing evil people. She’s not a human, but rather some kind of an ominous, sly creature who likes to put people into tricky situations and see how they react to it. I found this really chill and easy to watch. The plot is very interesting and I love the suspense. Also, every episode presents a new story that is easy to follow. And I like watching bad people getting what they deserve.

It’s also a perfect horror show for those who enjoy a slice of life, as the action always takes place in a different school, with Nanno pretending to be a transfer student. It’s really good at portraying the very nature of teenagers.

3 Wholesome horror shows on Netflix for scaredy cats

2. Castlevania

This is an animated series on Netflix that made me fall in love with it at the first sight. The graphics are amazing, the characters are bold and strong-minded, not to mention hot, and the story is captivating as it focuses on the myth of Dracula. Of course, some scenes were a little bit gore-ish, but nothing a little skip can’t fix. The main reason I loved this horror show it’s because the plot was so good and I really enjoyed the never-ending action and epic battles. You definitely won’t get bored.

3 Wholesome horror shows on Netflix for scaredy cats
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3. The haunting of Hill House

This is a gold mine, I tell you. The whole haunted manor theme was so catchy and the mystery was on point and deeply captivating. I had to force myself to stop and not binge watch it because every episode was leaving me hungry for more. The action has a slow burn as the personages recall some of their childhood memories from the time they used to live there. It was truly amazing because most of the time the action slows down and we get to see more domestic scenes, just some boring, ordinary days in the life of the family, kids playing, family at dinner, etc, and you almost never knew when the eerie scenes will occur.

And if you love this you should definitely follow with the continuation of The haunting of Bly Manor, which, in my opinion, was even better.

Even as a child I enjoyed ghost stories that were, well, not that frightening. These shows were the best thing that happened to me and if you also enjoy watching mild horror shows that won’t give you nightmares you should definitely give them a chance.

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