3 ways to reduce food waste during holiday season

ways to prevent food waste

Nowadays food loss represents a huge problem for the world we live in. It is an issue that we cannot avoid anymore. Every day tons of aliments are thrown away just like that. Annually, over 1.2 billion tons of food are unwisely discarded. This practice provokes several repercussions. Not only is quite immoral to throw away food while someone else is starving but believe me or not, for each kilogram of food that ends up in the dumps, there are 4,5 kg of carbon dioxide liberated in the atmosphere. This waste can be easily reduced. We can even put an end to it if we stop being so ignorant and start thinking about our actions more.

Here are 3 easy ways to prevent food waste that can actually make a difference, not just in your pocket, but also in the quality of the air you breathe in:

1. Buy just what you need

The first step in your anti-loss journey is to start making list before going to the supermarket. Temptation is huge once you enter a shop. The solution would be to check your shelves and drawers before leaving your house. In this way, it will be much easier for you to stick to the shopping list. Thus, you won’t buy things you actually don’t need and get to throw them away a few days later.

2. Refrigerate your food

Another smart trick to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time is to freeze your left-overs. Specialists say that everything can be frozen in order to keep it from spoiling. Moreover, refrigerating your products doesn’t harm them at all. The vitamins and minerals are still preserved and you can consume them with no worries.

3. Sharing is caring

If you’ve already tried my pieces of advice and you still have too much food, or if you cooked too much and you don’t like to keep the dishes for more than one day in your fridge, I highly recommend you to consider giving them away. You can ask some friends to come over, or you can simply donate it: in the neighbourhood, to a homeless man, to a foster home.

The possibilities are endless, it takes just a little bit of courage and organization to do a good deed, not only in the holiday season.


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