3 ways to get better sleep

How to get better sleep

Lately, more and more people have problems with their sleep schedule. Many of my friends, including me, have been complaining that they can’t fall asleep or get a proper and restful amount of sleep. After some research, we found an easy routine that helped us get better sleep and handle this unpleasant situation.

Here are 3 ways that might resolve once and for all your insomnia disorder:


Something that I discovered recently and helped me fall asleep in no time is listening to a podcast. I found this really cool and relaxing podcast, “Get sleepy”, which is so good I cannot even describe it. How does it work you may ask? Well, the podcast is created as a series of bedtime stories. The voices that narrate the stories are calm and peaceful and what I like the most about this, is that at the beginning of the podcast, there are even some breathing techniques.


Working out has nothing but benefits. You probably wouldn’t link exercising with your sleep schedule, but believe me or not, you will fall asleep more easily if you’re active during the day. Just think about your childhood, you would play all day, run, hide, always be in a hurry. When the bedtime hour came you fell exhausted, sweet dreaming until morning. Now don’t imagine you have to do something hard, a 15-minute routine of yoga or pilates would be enough. Stretching is also a good choice for the body and mind.


I highly suggest you try this. Going for a walk before bedtime has a lot of pros. It is proved that walking can reduce stress and anxiety. Scientists also mention that among other advantages, this habit can lower blood sugar and improve the immune system. A quick nocturnal walk will oxygenate your brain and therefore, fall asleep easily.


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