3 useful tips for learning languages

learning languages

Learning languages is a hard process. It involves a lot of practice, mistakes and it can be pretty disheartening for the learners at first. Don’t despair! It will get easier with time.

In the process of making it easier, I complied a list of tips that I have tried, as someone who is learning languages at this moment.

Learn the grammar and vocabularyLearn languages

There is simply no way around this. You really have to have at least a basic understanding of the grammar if you plan to learn a language, any language. Grammar drills can seem pretty boring at first and you will feel overwhelmed, but after some time, you will start to understand everything better and it will intuitively make sense. Vocabulary, on the other hand, can be very fun to learn. Make flashcards in Anki, make up small stories about the words, the sky is the limit when it comes to vocabulary learning. Just make sure you find something that fits you.

Learning languages through immersion

After gaining a basic understanding of the language, feel free to enjoy media in your target language. Be it books, songs, movies, be sure to be frequently immersed in it. I personally find that podcasts in my target languages that are for the same language level I am currently at help me the most in this process, because I find out new things while still understanding the basic idea of what I am listening to.

Use the language!

Be it translating, making sentences or even journaling in your native language, it is very important to use the language in some way or another. If you can find native speakers to talk to, that is amazing, but even if you don’t, there are a lot of things you can simply do on your own. I found that translating is an amazing way of fixing grammar points. Moreover, it really helps you switch from your native language to your target language better.

I hope that this list has helped anyone and even encouraged people who want to learn more languages but haven’t started yet. For more articles about learning languages, check out other articles from us!


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