3 things to know if you are a teenager and life seems hard to handle


We are too young to be sad. I’ve seen a lot of teenagers being depressed, sad, heartbroken, scared. It’s not that hard to handle it, but we are too scared to try. I was a teenager too, we’ve all been there. But trust me, if I could go back to change it, I would do it. I’d go back to be happy, to change the fact that I worried too much about things that didn’t matter. The only one who can change your life, to improve it, is you. I know it’s hard, you feel like you are alone and no one understands you. You feel like everything is your fault, like everything is hard. As a teenager, it’s very easy to be influenced. Life is easier without stressing over little things that don’t matter, you are the only one who makes it hard.


Everyone has this thing, but why is it so important that you must have it with any cost? I know you want to be liked by others, but let me tell you something: after high-school is over, everyone leaves. They won’t be there anymore, you’ll start another stage in your life: college. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of people who won’t care about how popular you were. They will care about you: how you think, how you talk, how you act, what your inspirations, beliefs and opinions are. When you grow up, this “popularity” doesn’t matter anymore. You’ll be surrounded by adults, you will grow up faster and you won’t expect it. So, you have to be prepared.


Relationships at a young age might kill your happiness. Even if you are a girl or a boy, you crave love. But the love you see in movies is not the one you encounter in real life. It’s not all about flowers, chocolate, sweet talk. Don’t chase the ones who talk sweetly, but the ones who show you they care about you. Look for actions, not words, because those words will manipulate you and make you grow in a toxic way. Later you’ll have toxic traits and you’ll feel it when you have something healthy.

Focus on you and before dating be sure you can do it. A relationship that doesn’t leave scars involves a lot of hard work. It’s not sweet talk, it’s about showing that you care every day and making that person not worry about your intentions and feelings. You have to make them feel comfortable and vice versa. So, if you are not ready to commit, to make efforts, to be honest, don’t do it. If your only purpose is attention, leave that person alone. Don’t ruin someone’s confidence because you are bored. You are young, you have time to date, do it when you are ready and grown up. Focus on you, work on you, before anything else.


If you don’t study at the right time, in high-school, you’ll regret it in college. The amount of information is insane. You have to work a lot by yourself, you have to take information from anywhere. You have to be organized, to be independent. Study harder everyday, so you won’t worry later. Have fun, but at the same time be aware. Be cautious, you work for your future! Don’t expect others to do the work instead of you.

If you want to be the boss, you have to work for it. If you want to have your dream job, try every day to do something that brings you closer to it. Don’t procrastinate, you are young and still have time to have fun. Your future self will be proud if you start working from a young age. You can always have fun if you are organized and know how and when to study and to work. You can have it all, it’s up to you!



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