3 important cat facts you should know before adopting a feline


Cats are very peculiar creatures, they have strong personalities and particular habits. A kitten can be a life-long, loving companion if you care for it properly and bestow it with lots of love. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when deciding whether it is the right pet for you.

  1. Cats need space

Cats have a lot of energy. They like to bounce, pounce and jump off of one place to another. In the wild, they are both predators and prey, so they like to hide, sneak into tight spaces, and roll about the house when hunting. If you plan on adopting one, you will have to make sure you can provide adequate space for your new friend.

They also like to keep their distance sometimes and need time alone, so making sure they have a safe space where they can unwind to their heart’s content is essential. A cat will only grow stressed when squeezed into a small studio with its owner all day long.

  1. They are solitary animals

Felines lead a life of solitude in the wild. They hunt by themselves, play by themselves, and sleep by themselves. They only interact with other felines when mating or fighting. They are happiest when they are the only feline in the house. Bringing in another kitty will only serve to make it anxious and angry.

If you must adopt another one, you need to introduce the cats to each other gradually, allowing them to get to know one another slowly. However, you must bear in mind that not all cats can grow accustomed to sharing their territory with another feline. You have to look after your pet’s needs and fulfill them properly.

  1. Cats are fiercely independent

If you want a pet to cuddle and play with whenever you feel like it, don’t get a cat. They like to be in charge of themselves and will never approach you, tail wagging and ears tilted back.  This makes them ill-suited pets for children. Cats show their love by other means. They will come and curl up in your lap, knead you, bump their head against yours, and purr happily when touched gently. However, you need to allow them to make the first step.

They have no owner and they share their space with you too because they have chosen to do so, just as you have chosen to do. Always remember: they are your friends, you own them just as much as they own you.

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