3 important things I wish I knew before going to university


Many say that university is the most thrilling time in one’s entire life. That is when you peak when you figure out who you are and leave your teenage years behind. That may be true to some degree, but there are more things to consider when making this big step in your life. Whether you choose to make the most of university is up to you, but there are certain things to bear in mind when listing the pros and cons of pursuing higher education. Here are three things I wish I knew before I went to university.

  1. You need to motivate yourself a lot

University is nothing like high school. In fact, some professors may not even bother learning your name. Most professors are not going to urge you to take notes, bother with homework or even concern themselves with attendance. However, this is not an invitation to slack off, as many freshmen mistakenly assume.

The lack of outside help is in fact a maturity test. A big part of life is learning how to stay motivated and responsible on your own. You should organize your time and keep up with your lectures, so you don’t fall behind. Lucky for you, some universities offer counseling, and, most importantly, study groups are fairly common among students. Discovering your work style can be fun, and you may learn something new about yourself.

  1. Your university colleagues are your best allies

A lot of people choose to attend university in another city. Hence, for numerous students, the university is also the first time they are completely on their own. Being separated from your family, your friends, and everything you knew may turn out to be a bigger ordeal than anticipated. What might take away from your suffering is forging strong bonds with your peers.

A meaningful part of the university is creating long-lasting relationships. However, nobody is going to stretch out their hand to you and pull you out of your comfort zone. Most people are welcoming and warm, but you need to take the first step, as everyone else is probably as scared, excited, and confused as you are.  It is worth noting, however, that you should watch out for back-stabbers. Many people will tattle just to get in the teachers’ good graces or use you to lift themselves up. Trust your gut instinct when choosing your friends. It knows what’s up, trust me.

  1. You might want to think twice before ‘reinventing yourself’

It is a general assumption that university is the perfect time to take on a new identity. I should warn you, it is best to put your transformation off if you are doing it just for the sake of starting anew in university. Real, healthy changes take time. I have tried countless times to reinvent myself, most significantly when I started university. I think it’s best to say my transformation went terribly wrong.

Instead of assuming a new identity, you should try embracing yourself wholly and see where that leads you. Do those crazy things you have always wanted to do, but never got the chance to. Hang out with the people that make your heart flutter without bothering with the status quo. And most importantly, try being a bit selfish and daring for once, it won’t do you any harm. If not in university, then when do we get to let ourselves go?

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