3 Spooky Halloween food ideas

3 Spooky Halloween food ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and you are still thinking about what you can prepare to scare your friend?

Maybe you want to organize a little party with your family or friends for Halloween and you don’t know what to serve the guests with, so I am here to give you some examples of spooky Halloween food ideas, to make sure you will have a memorable Halloween party that everyone will think about from now on.

1. Spooky Cookies

3 Spooky Halloween food ideasYou will never fail with some delicious cookies specially decorated for Halloween. I know that initially, everyone is thinking of ornating cookies when it comes to Halloween, but you will never go wrong with them.

How can you differentiate yourself from others? By finding unique ideas on the look you want to give to your cookie. How do you do that? I will give you the universal recipe for these Halloween cookies, and then I will give you some spooky ideas for their decoration :


250g/9oz unsalted butter softened

250g/9oz golden caster sugar

2 free-range eggs, lightly beaten

½ tsp vanilla extract

500g/1lb 2oz plain flour

red and black food colouring ( or any other colour, depends on what do you want to do )

1 tsp baking powder

Halloween-themed cookie cutters

Red and black writing icing (or a colour of your choice that matches what do you want )

1 tbsp apricot jam, warmed with 1tsp water

Then, after you finish baking them, you have to give them a shape. As ghosts cookies, bats or pumpkins are everywhere, I propose the following models for your Halloween party :

  • Cookies in the shape of little men with broken heads and sad faces, from which to flow “blood”3 Spooky Halloween food ideas
  • Two-tier cookies in the shape of a man’s mouth with vampire teeth from which blood could flow
  • Also, you can be inspired by the horror movies of legendary characters that you can translate into mini cakes such as Frankenstein, Cookie Monster from Muppet, Clowns ( from different movies )3 Spooky Halloween food ideas
  • And bonus, after all this hype around the Squid Game show, you can make the popular cookies from the series and even try to play that challenge.

2. Jell-O Spooky Halloween Shots

3 Spooky Halloween food ideasAfter so many delicious cookies, there must be something to drink, but not any type of drink, but a special one to celebrate Halloween.

Even if it looks complicated to prepare this drink, you only need three simple ingredients to prepare this particular drink.

It can be made in a lot of shapes, colours, depends on the theme and your personal tastes. Also, if you want to spice up a little this party, you need to know that this drink is specially designed to be consumed with a little bit of alcohol, depends on everyone’s preference.


1 cup tonic water

3 drops of lime Jell-O ( or any other flavour/colour you want )

1 cup sweet alcohol, very chilled (any kinds of alcohol: vodka, rum, gin)

And at the end, you can add the drink in small glasses of shots that have the shape of skeletons or other typical Halloween figurines, or you can add in glasses special ornaments for this festivity: little knives ( made of plastic or knife-shaped jellies ), pumpkins figures, vampire teeth from jellies/ornaments etc.

3. Brain Pasta

Of course, during the party, you will have to eat, so you need food that terrifies everyone and not in terms of taste but appearance.

And here I am for you with a super idea that I guarantee will scare everyone at the party: Brain Pasta.

Wondering what I could say by that? Well, it’s extremely simple, you don’t even need a recipe because everyone could do that at any time.3 Spooky Halloween food ideas

You just have to prepare a simple pasta recipe, of your choice (however, it would be preferable with tomato sauce to be more authentic), in very large quantities and at the end to put them on plates in the shape of a human brain, and in the middle of it, you have to pour tomato sauce to mimic blood.

That being said, I hope that your Halloween party will turn everyone on its back and be surprised by the delicacies prepared.

Don’t forget to trick or treat! 🍬👻


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