3 Spanish songs with profound lyrics I simply adore


Spanish is the first foreign language ever loved. I enjoy listening to Spanish songs so much, especially when they come with deep a.k.a relatable lyrics. So here are some songs I simply adore.

HA-ASH-Te dejo en libertad (I set you free)

This love song strikes deeply. It is about letting go and accepting that you can’t force love, sometimes it simply can’t be saved. Even if one is deeply in love we shouldn’t cling to the other if there is no more love left from their part as this one-sided love will only hurt us more. By keeping the other person beside us we only trap them, and ourselves. It is better to “set them free”.

Mónica Naranjo-Emperatriz/ Emperatriz de mis sueños (Empress of my dreams)

Emperatriz is a song that I find empowering. Sometimes listening to our heart will bring heartbreak, no matter what kind of heartbreak we’re talking about. That can, and most probably will numb us to some extent. Mónica Naranjo sings about this heartbreak and growing strong from if. Erasing the scars left on one’s soul and not letting feelings trap us, but controlling those feelings will make an Empress.

RBD-Trás De Mí (Behind of me)

This is perhaps the song I love the most from RBD. Trás De Mí is about taking life into one’s hands, being bold and daring, and very important, being aware that in this journey something will always remain behind us, be it people, places or things, and even memories. Open the “cage” and do it! And whatever “it” means to you be brave when you leave something behind of you. I am already embarked on a journey for which I have left many things behind, but the future is exciting and I am prepared to leave behind so much more. Trás De Mí! Behind of me!

I’m sure you will find the lyrics of these songs to be meaningful to you and at least one moment of your life.


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