3 amazing series that marked my childhood


Who doesn’t love to watch series or movies on a chill day or after a day full of work as a method of relaxation? I am not the type of girl who watches a lot of films or movies, just if I heard of them to be good enough to interrupt my books for them. Personally, I prefer books over movies/ series, but I watch some good ones to be able to tell my opinion.

Therefore, I want to recommend to you 3 series that marked my childhood and which I will never forget.


3 amazing series that marked my childhoodThis is the last series I watched because, after it, I can’t look at anything, my heart won’t let me do this. I have no words to describe how much I loved this series and how everything was perfect, I think this is the only series that I wanted to never end.

It has 15 seasons, I know it may seem a lot, but I guarantee to you that there aren’t enough. It is a show about the supernatural, as the title says it, with a bunch of creatures, but the interesting thing is that they put legends from different countries in the series and made actions around them.

In every episode, I couldn’t wait to see the new legend explained and brought to life, and most importantly where is the legend from. Of course, in the series, it appears even heaven and hell, and the fact that I loved even more about this series is that the directors were very well documented. At some point in the show, when heaven and hell appear, from then, every little thing from angel/demon to location, events, are exactly like in Bible. Basically, the directors played the bible in a series with lots of details and lots of things that I didn’t know happened this way.

About the cast, I have only praise to bring. From the main actors to the secondary ones they were all excellent. They were so scary good that there were times in the show where I couldn’t realize this is actually a show. Some episodes because of how good the cast was and how perfect they interpreted the biblical characters and more, I thought this show was real life.

It is the only show that I would watch a bunch of times and I would have the same emotions over and over again, every time I watch it. Instead, the only thing that disappointed me was the final of the series. I imagined a completely different final, not the saddest one they gave to use, but I will end here because I don’t want to give any spoilers for the people who didn’t watch it.


I think everybody knows Friends, and who doesn’t know it, what are you doing? I think everybody needs to watch this series because it is a classic and a beautiful one. I think everyone after watched this series wanted a life with their friends almost like those in Friends.

For tho3 amazing series that marked my childhoodse who don’t know, and it is hard for me to think that you don’t know this show, it is a series about a group of friends who live in Manhattan, New York.

It has 10 seasons, and unfortunately, the episodes are very short. It is a comedy show for the most part, and it is a show that has it all: love, laugh, crying, basically all the possible emotions.

I recommend watching this series with your friends because you will have the illusion to illustrate each of you in the show and compare it with your own friendship, and I think this technique will bring you even closer to each one and you will realize how beautiful your friendship is.

You won’t know when time flies while watching this series, so I hope you will enjoy this one

PS: If you feel down one day, watch this show, I guarantee, you will forget why you were sad about.

Pretty Little Liars

3 amazing series that marked my childhoodThis is the first series that I watched. I started this when I was 11 years old, and I remember even now how my summer days we’re spending: by watching this show. I lost many nights without sleep but it was worth it.

It is a mystery – thriller show about a girl from a friend group that disappeared one night and no one ever heard of her until one day when someone entitled “ A “ start harassing the friend group.

The show has 7 seasons and it’s full of a lot of surprises. It has a spin-off at some point which no one would ever think of it.

Even if I watched it when I was a little kid, I remember every single episode and detail about it, I think it has a unique idea and it is worth watching because it keeps you in suspense a lot.

I hope you will watch this series and you will recommend them to your friends.



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