3 reasons why you should volunteer in high school


High school is a very challenging time for everyone. New classmates, new teachers, maybe a new neighborhood and you need to adapt quickly and to keep up with the others. Sometimes is hard, due to various reasons, but I have one solution that can make you consider that you are not wasting 4 years of your life: you can volunteer. Here are 3 reasons:

1) You can develop your skills or create some

With each new volunteer, activity comes training. For example, if you enter an NGO, let’s say on human resources, you will learn how to talk to people, how to create a connection with them, and how to be their personal lawyer if something is wrong. At first, you probably will hate it because it will require to step out from your comfort zone and to start showing some responsibility, but with the time you can begin to love what you are doing, and you will wake up one day thinking about a career in that specific domain.

2)Adding to the resume

Many of the top universities in the world request one rich resume. If you show interest in your community’s problems and you are trying to solve them, you can be considered responsible enough to understand the consequences of your actions. You are showing that you are willing to work for something without monetary compensation and that you are willing to challenge yourself to do better. Universities love that.

3)You will meet new people and make new friends

When you will volunteer, you will find people who share the same interests as you, and you will make new connections. This will expand your social skills even more, and you can create even lifelong friendships.

In conclusion, all that is left to say is: what are you waiting for?


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