3 reasons why short hair is better than long hair

3 reasons why short hair is better than long hair

I’ve seen so many girls on Instagram and Tik Tok who were afraid of cutting their hair short or trying at least some short hairstyles. For some reason, I can understand them, maybe they spend so many years letting their hair grow because they prefer it long and it suits them better. However, having short hair was never a bad option.

As a person who had long hair in the past and likes to try different short hairstyles, I can give you three reasons why having short hair is great and also beneficial from several points of view:

1. Hair care routine3 reasons why short hair is better than long hair

I remember how hard it was for me to maintain my hair care routine when I had long hair. I had to stay up to 2 or 3 hours just to wash my hair, using so many products to keep it nice and healthy. I really hated doing this routine because I also didn’t like it to be late for any kind of event or important moment that was happening on a certain day.

I have to admit, having freshly washed long hair was a nice feeling, but at the same time, all that effort was a waste of time and money because I had to buy so many hair products. Now that I have short hair, you can’t imagine how great is to finish washing your hair, using only a few products and having much more time to get ready!

With short hair, now I can use the time I wasted on my hair care routine to choose my outfit and put on my makeup, without thinking about being late.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend too much time drying your hair. I only dry it with a towel and if I want to style it, I occasionally use a curling iron. But even if I don’t want to style it, I just dry my hair and it can look perfect without too much effort.

2. Combing your hair without breakage

I think every girl hates having damaged hair. Personally, the moment when I always had problems with hair breakage was when I had to comb my long hair. And believe me, on a windy day, having long hair is the worst thing ever. When I had to go somewhere, the first place I went was the bathroom to arrange my hair. The hair was almost always tangled and it irritated me to comb it. Therefore, my hair was always damaged and looked, like my mom said, “eaten by rats”.

Now, I’m not saying that you don’t have problems with your hairstyle on those days if it’s shorter, but it’s much easier to comb it and style it faster, without damaging it. I can say that my hair is no longer so thin, and the hair breakage doesn’t happen as often as when it was long.3 reasons why short hair is better than long hair

Another benefit about short hair is that you don’t have to comb it so often. I usually run my hand through my hair to style it a little bit and I’m done. Of course, this could be a great advantage for people who have short and straight hair. But if it’s curly hair and is shorter, you don’t even need to comb it, which is more advantageous.

3. Showing your beautiful face3 reasons why short hair is better than long hair

When I had long hair, people told me it was hiding my face, because I have a small face. And it was bothering me when I was trying to work or write down something. I always had with me an elastic hair tie, some hairpins or a hairband to tie my hair. Maybe some girls don’t bother with this, but for me was absolutely annoying.

Right now, with short hair, there are no problems with tying it. And what is more, now my face is more prominent and it is not hidden anymore by that hair which was blocking my eye view.


These are just some of the benefits of short hair, but if you feel more comfortable and it doesn’t bother you, long hair can also be a great option. After all, everyone is beautiful, no matter the length or style of your hair!


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