3 reasons why oatmeal is popular


If you’ve been anywhere on the internet, you most likely have seen that oatmeal is becoming increasingly popular as a breakfast food and oats are becoming a staple in people’s pantry. And it surely deserves all the hype if gets!

Today I will talk about three reasons why oatmeal became so viral.
  1. Highly customizable

People sure do love their oatmeal. Everyone and their mom probably have a favorite recipe. And really, that’s the beauty of it. It is something that you can easily whip out and can get creative about.

You can make it sweet or savory. You can add protein, you can make it vegan. There are a lot of recipes on internet and you can even try it out with no recipes, just adding ingredients to your liking.

  1. Cheap and healthy

Initially, I didn’t want to try it because I thought it was one of those expensive fancy vegan hipster foods. Turns out, oats are actually very cheap to buy! It is very safe to buy a bag of oats under a dollar, try it out and see if it’s something you enjoy.

Oatmeal itself is a pretty nutritious food, and this video proves it. Besides its own benefits, you can always add more healthy goodness in the form of vegetables, yoghurt and fruits.

  1. Varied uses

Sure, most people use oats just for the oatmeal. And it makes sense why, it’s delicious. But the uses of oats don’t stop at just that. You can even make plant-based milk out of them, use them in muesli, make pancakes or cookies out of them. You can find varied recipes and tips and tricks on Instagram, Tik-Tok or YouTube. As with everything regarding oats and oatmeal, sky is the limit!

I hope you enjoyed this short article about oats and you will try to make some oatmeal or anything containing oats in the near future. For more recipes with oats, read our article on that.


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