3 productivity apps you should try

productivity apps

Productivity is becoming more and more important. We all want good grades, good jobs and to see our dreams come true. For that, though, we need to work. We need to take care of our mental health, to organize our time, and actually do the things we have to.
If you already know your goals but struggle with things such as waking up in the morning or keeping yourself motivated.

Here are 3 productivity apps for you


If you can’t get off your phone, Forest is the app you should try. It’s just as simple as it sounds: when you know you have work to do, plant a seed and set a timer. If you keep the app open, the tree will grow, but if you exit it, it dies. For each time you plant something, the app will give you money that can be used to get different kinds of trees. You won’t realize how soon you’ll find yourself putting a timer just because you want more trees in your forest.


If notebooks and calendars don’t work for you, Notion is a digital version of both of them. As it says, it’s ‘the all in one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases’. The productivity app has amazing features, with a huge variety of templates such as task lists, journal, and study notes, which you can personalize to make yourself want to be more organized and productive. Having your thoughts, goals, and tasks beautifully written in one place will bring you back your motivation to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.


Well, you can guess what that one does just from reading the name. It’s a productivity app that makes sure you wake up by giving you a task before you’ll be able to turn it off. It’s easy: you set an alarm, choose the sound, a label and, in the end, the mission. You can choose a photo with the book you’re currently reading, as an example, which you’ll have to photograph again in the morning to stop the alarm. If you don’t like that, you have other options such as ‘shake’, ‘math’ or ‘memory’. Any one you choose, it never fails at waking you up.

Being productive can be hard sometimes. It’s easy to lose motivation and go back to the bad place you’ve been trying so hard to get out of, but if you organize your time properly, take care of your mental health and don’t overwork yourself, you should be able to avoid it. And hopefully, these productivity apps will help you make the changes you need to.


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