3 places from where you can buy Asian products and make great new dishes

3 places from where you can buy Asian products and make great new dishes
When it comes to cooking, I like to make all kinds of sweets and desserts, but I also enjoy making different and special dishes, to impress my family and friends and improve my cooking skills.
Nowadays, I’ve been interested in Asian food, more exactly, in Korean dishes. I usually watch mukbangs of different people and some of them show some appetizing Korean dishes. Another reason was when I visit for the first time an Asian restaurant, where I’ve tried so many dishes and all of them were absolutely tasty. This made me want to try to make some of them at home so that I can enjoy the food whenever I want it. However, I’ve searched for many recipes, but each dish had a specific ingredient that I didn’t have at home or I couldn’t find in every store.

Therefore, I’ve made some research and I found out 3 best places that sell original Asian products and could help you cook some authentic Korean dishes.

1. KJ Center

Everyone told me about this place and I wanted to give it a try, so I’ve decided to visit this store. They were selling not only ingredients for making food at your home but also snacks, sweets and drinks from Korea and Japan. They also have a section of K-pop, for people who are interested in Korean music.

The atmosphere was odd but interesting, the employees were kind and explained to me every time I had a question about a product. The place was also decorated nicely and they also had a mini-bar where you could enjoy your day having something to eat and listening to K-pop music. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic restrictions, you are not allowed to eat inside anymore, but all in all, this place has everything you need if you have a passion for Korean and Japanese cuisine.

2. K-Food

When I came here for the first time, the place wasn’t very crowded. It was only me and the employees, who were absolutely nice to me and greeted me with a warm smile. Compared to KJ Center, this store had many more Korean products and all of them were at a very affordable price.

K-Food also has a place where you can eat, and when I visited the place there were no restrictions. I can say the atmosphere was calm and relaxing and I was able to enjoy my meal peacefully. I will truly recommend visiting this place, at least once.

3. Korean Market

The place was the same as K-Food when it comes to products. There were only Korean food and other different products and they also had a place for eating. The employees were also kind and one of them even told me some tips for making some delicious dishes, which I really appreciated.

The only disadvantage is the distance, at least for me, because I had to cross the city in order to get here and it really takes me too much time, but just for one visit, I can say it really worth it. Of course, you can buy ingredients online, just like the first two ones, but from my point of view, it is better to check for yourself what you want to buy, especially when it comes to food.


There are so many other places that sell Asian food or any kind of product that you can try, but because of the current situation, I wasn’t able to visit the other ones too. I’m looking forward to the moment when everything will come back to normal, to get what I need to cook those dishes again.


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