3 oldest sports that made history around the world

In the old times, sport was a way of entertainment both for you and for the others who were watching you. But, for a few decades, people have become obsessed with any kind of sport, forgetting about the joy of doing exercises and being focused only on becoming fit and slim. More than a healthy body, having a schedule in which sport is regularly included, helps us have a healthy mind, this being another thing that wasn’t known in the ancient times, when people used sports only for having fun and excitement in their lives.

1. WRESTLING is a combat sport, either competitive or entertaining, that is considered to be the oldest sport in the world, and in the Ancient Greece, the most popular one. Some famous cave paintings in France are the proof that people were doing wrestling even 15.000 3 oldest sports that made history around the worldyears ago, thing that makes it one of the most important sports from the history that exists even nowadays. Moreover, wrestling was the first competition that was added to the Olympic Games in 708 B.C., that wasn’t a footrace, even though in February 2013 it was voted to drop this contest from the Summer Olympic Games.

This sport is mentioned in every culture in the world, starting with Pharaonic Egypt where wrestling has been evidenced by many artworks and continuing with China, where, according to a legend, 4.000 years ago they were practicing a special wrestling style and with Arabic literature, in which Muhammad, the founder of the religion of Islam, was depicted as a skilled wrestler.

2. POLO is a horseback ball game, one of the oldest team sports in the world, played by two opposing teams. Its origins aren’t exactly known, but in time the game became a Persian sportnational sport, played in most of the cases by the noble and rich people. The game spread around the Globe very fast, being played in Constantinople, where the emperor built a polo ground in the 5th century, and as well in Japan, in Arabia, India and Tibet.
The modern game of polo is considered to have started in India, where it was played even by commoners who owned a least a pony. Although many people live with the wrong idea, that polo was from the beginning a British sport, the truth is that English military officers imported the game in the United Kingdom in the 1860s and a few years later a sportsportsman saw his first polo game and introduced in in the United States.
However, this version of polo played in the 19th century is very different from the one from India, because this new game was slow and methodical, as neither players nor horses were trained to play a fast game. Polo was introduced in the Olympic Games very early in the 20th century, but was removed from the programme after the games from 1936, because its popularity declined during World War II.
3. HOCKEY is a team sport that nowadays tends to be forgotten. Its origins can be traced down in many ancient cultures from the history, firstly being discovered due to some old carvings from 4000 years ago in Egypt, showing people playing together a team game, only with sticks and a projectile. More than this, some depictions from Ancient Greece are showing people playing with a curved stick and a ball, sometime around 600 BCE.
In the past, there have been many sports similar to hockey, like hurling, that dates to before 1272 BC in Ireland and “beikou”, played 1000 years ago by an ethnic group from Mongolia. The sport had many names, but the first time the word “hockeywas used was in the 14th century by the king of England, the British people being in fact the ones who made the game popular worldwide, after the expansion of the British Empire in the 1800s


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