3 of the Scariest Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe


If you enjoy the thrilling feelings that horror movies give you, but you are too squeamish and the jump scares are too much for you I have the perfect solution. These three of the scariest stories by Edgar Allan Poe will surely give you goosebumps and make your heart pound loudly as you read them. So instead of watching a horror movie through the director’s perspective, with a little help from Poe, the “architect of the abyss”, you get to create your own horror movie using just your imagination.

“The Fall of the House of Usher”

From the beginning of this story, you will be engulfed in the grim, creepy atmosphere of the House of Usher. The first person narration will surely make you feel like you are truly witnessing the unusual relationship and the degradation of the two siblings: Roderick and Madeline Usher. As the tension builds up, you will feel, just like the narrator, entrapped in this gothic house that hides horrible secrets. The unexpected ending will make your blood run cold and leave you horrified of what you just read.


Here you will read the first-person narration of Egaeus and you’ll get to witness the decline of his mental state. His distorted perception of reality makes the story even more captivating and the ending will again leave you speechless, as you discover at the same time as Egaeus a terrible deed that will haunt both of you forever.

“The Tell-Tale Heart”

This story is a little bit different from the other two, as you can guess even from the start what gruesome act will unravel before your eyes. But I assure you that this story, told by a murderer, will still keep you hooked as you will discover the fascination of reading a horror story from the perspective of a deranged person.

Any of these three stories will leave you in a trance as your mind will replay the horrible events you just read. Disclaimer, you might not have the nicest dreams if you read these stories before bed, but you will have the best stories to tell your friends on your next sleepover.



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