3 movies to watch after a breakup. There will be better days!


Breakups hurt like hell sometimes, but when it happens, it’s hard to handle it. Maybe you just want to stay alone, listening to sad songs and watching movies while eating and crying over a breakup. And maybe, you are sick of those movies where they are all happy and everything is cheesy and you want something real, something about the real life and the real relationships, about the struggles and the lessons. So, let me tell you about 3 movies you should watch after a breakup:


It’s the perfect match if you had a long term relationship and it happened to be the first one for both of you. The movie tells the story of two teenagers that are together for 6 years and there’s a lot of passion between them, but among this passion there are a lot of insecurities and the story shows us the reality of a relationship. It shows the difficulties you have to go through, the reassurance you need, the fights, the good and the bad days.

This story tell us that the gender doesn’t matter, you can be toxic even though you are the girl or the boy in the relationship. This story is more based on how they are growing, how they become mature. The movie doesn’t show only the good parts of a relationship, but it also shows the reality.


I’ve watched this movie when I didn’t go through a breakup and I didn’t see its meaning. But one day it came my turn and I thought “why not? maybe this time I’ll understand” and yes, I did understand. It’s one of my favorite movies. It’s about a girl, Jenny, and she just broke up with her boyfriend after a really long time. They had a beautiful relationship, a lot of good and funny memories. They loved each other so much, but one day one of them decides that is not willing to put effort in their relationship anymore.

It hurts so bad when you want to be with someone and give them the world but the other just quits and leaves. This movie shows how important it is to have your friends by your side. It shows how hard  it is to pick yourself up from a bad place. And, how you change your mind everyday and how hard it is to let go of someone you love. It’s hard to go a day without that person, your person.


This movie tells us more stories. One of them, is a story of two lovers who has been living together for years and they think their life is perfect just the way it is. They think that “if it’s old, you should not fix it”. She is waiting for the day he asks her to marry him, her heart is broken. It took a lot to figure out what’s best for her. It teaches you how to choose yourself when the one you love doesn’t choose you.

There’s a girl, Gigi, and all she does is waiting on the phone for the perfect guy. She thinks that the only thing in life that matters is finding the perfect guy and she is going to a lot of dates. She is dumped every time because it is what it is. The final has a plot twist, you’ll see. Don’t judge the book after its cover, she is more than that. Janine, she seems nice, she is married and her husband is not that into her. So girls, find the right guy who treats you the way you deserve and don’t settle for less.

The problem is that most of the women in this movie are interested into the opposite sex, dating and marriage. It’s about insecure women, how desperate are to be the one for the wrong guy. How they expect someone to be the one when it’s clearly, they are not. So, basically, accept the fact that he’s just not that into you and move on. Learn the lesson, be a better you and go for the guy who’s into you. Don’t forget, always choose yourself after  a breakup and don’t go back to what hurt you. You won’t find happiness or peace in the same place you lost it.


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