3 Interesting Music Genres And How They Affect Your Brain

How each music genre affects your brain

Let’s talk about music genres. I think it’s common knowledge that music plays an important part in our lives. We hear it everywhere and, if you ask me, our lives can’t exist without them. But have you ever asked yourselves: how do these genres affect my brain?

Music can make us happy or sad and it can trigger memories, either good ones or bad ones. Well, if this question just popped in your mind, I will come up with the answer. It can be really helpful to listen to genres that stimulate certain parts of your brain whenever you want.

So, with that in mind, today I will talk about music genres and how they affect your brain.

1. Rap, reggae, and pop

3 Interesting Music Genres And How They Affect Your Brain

Even though these genres are very different and you may never connect them together, they actually produce a similar effect on the brain. As you already know, they are catchy and they tend to get stuck in your brain, much to your annoyance. They stimulate you and you get this urge to dance or to do something.
So, if you want to calm down, I won’t recommend listening to these genres. These are better if you are sad and want to be happy and active.
I agree with this, because when I listen to these genres, I am happier and I want to dance and sing along. Seriously, who doesn’t sing along to classics such as “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor? In all fairness, I also don’t recommend these genres if you want to study, because you will be distracted most of the time.

2. Classical music

3 Interesting Music Genres And How They Affect Your Brain

Unlike pop, rap, or reggae, this one of those music genres has a calming effect on the listener. As noticed, classical music does not have a repetitive pattern and tends to go for new sections and instrumentals. This, in combination with its calming nature, helps you focus and accomplish various tasks.
There is actually a thing called “The Mozart Effect”, a study that discovered that classical music can make children smarter. Therefore, plenty of mums and mums-to-be choose to play classical music around their children.
Given the fact that it doesn’t have lyrics or a repetitive melody, this is great for studying or for other situations when you have to be focused. Multiple studies have proven this and it works, so I suggest giving it a try!

3. Rock

3 Interesting Music Genres And How They Affect Your Brain

Despite receiving backlash all the time and being considered the “bad” genre of this set of music genres, it has a lot of positive effects. For example, it stimulates the brain because of the multitude of instruments that are played. This has a positive effect on you, because you may feel more energetic.
It is good for working out because it helps you get the motivation you needed. It also enhances emotional intelligence, especially in teenagers, because it helps them express themselves more.
However, one of the main negative effects is that it can be distracting at times, but there are other music genres that have the same effect, so I think this shouldn’t be off-putting.

There are many music genres, but I chose to talk about the most listened to ones. Regardless of the genre of choice, listen to whatever you like, because this is the best effect of them all. However, it is important to understand how each music genre affects our brain and how music helps us.


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