3 helpful things I’ve learned from my first job

3 helpful things I've learned from my first job

Some helpful things? It’s a scary thing, I was afraid to be an adult with real responsibilities, I was afraid that I couldn’t handle it. I wanted to work, to be independent, to learn how to be strong, and to have this experience from a young age. During my first job, I had to study for my driver’s license and for college so basically, my brain was melted, but it was worth it.

I’ve learned a lot of helpful things that will help me later in life from my first job.


While you are working, try to focus and to leave other problems behind. You need to be focused to be able to do your job. It doesn’t matter what kind of job is it, as long as you do something for a living and you work hard, nothing else matters. Don’t be ashamed, everyone has its own timing.

Do your job, focus on it and on yourself and get the money. Be proud of yourself! One day, after you gain experience and have enough money, you can do whatever you want. Work hard every day so one day you’ll do what you love for the rest of your days. So, don’t be sad if you hate your current job, there will be better days. Try to not lose yourself during this process.


Don’t be naive, not everyone wants to see you succeed. They may be nice, but don’t trust them blindly. Maybe you are new they already have experience in that domain, so it’s easy for them to pass you the hard work and you won’t notice because they are nice and you’d think that maybe this is how it’s supposed to be.

No, it’s not like that. If you have the same job and you are responsible for the same things, don’t do the hard work all by yourself. You should be treated equally and they should respect you. They should teach you how to be better not to pass you all the hard work.

At the end of the day, they don’t actually care. There are a lot of co-workers like them. When you need them, they won’t do something for you so don’t expect otherwise. After you leave the workplace, they don’t talk to you or check up on you. You are co-workers and that’s it. Don’t look for friendships, be nice and respect them, but don’t expect more. It’s true, you can make a lot of friends from your workplace, but be patient and don’t be naive, don’t trust them too soon.


This experience helped me a lot with my self-esteem, my anxiety, my insecurities, my bad habits. I used to sleep a lot, I used to be shy in public and I couldn’t even talk to strangers. My first job forced me to have a routine that improved my well-being.

I’ve learned what respect involves, how to treat people with kindness, how to help others, how to talk to others. The feeling after 8 hours of work, the satisfaction after I did my job, didn’t matter if I did it well or not, but the fact that I worked hard, was incomparable.

Maybe it wasn’t the hardest job, maybe I had days when I literally hated it when I hated myself because I could focus on neither college nor job. But, now I am more than proud of myself because I forced myself to be better. I’ve learned things that will definitely help me when I’ll have my dream job. It made me strong, responsible, independent, and most importantly, proud of myself.


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