Being clumsy: 3 helpful hacks to save your day


If you are clumsy like me and you always find a way to ruin things, I’m sure you wondered at least once what can you do in order to prevent a disaster. Rest assured, many people tend to be like this and it’s not an uncommon thing.

Being clumsy: 3 helpful hacks to save your day

Whether you are always distracted or just clumsy by nature, the struggle is real. Making a lot of involuntary mistakes on a daily basis it’s definitely frustrating. Even more when you are constantly breaking things around the house due to your clumsy hands and making a huge mess. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just be prepared in advance for this kind of predicament and minimize the damage? If that’s the case, I may just have the tricks for you.

Here are some helpful hacks I discovered over time, based on my experience.

Put fragile things away securely after you have used them

I often hit things with my elbow and cause them to fall and scatter in a million pieces. That’s how I developed the habit of always putting important things away in a drawer after I use them. I never let small and breakable things like makeup or my glasses laying around anymore. There was a time when I’ve messed the mirror of my vanity and it fell over all the little things I had laying on the table, including my watch and some little bottles of makeup, crushing them to pieces, so this hack also helps in preventing unwanted accidents.

Being clumsy: 3 helpful hacks to save your day

If you are extremely clumsy, don’t try to carry more than two things in your hands

Being clumsy and lazy at the same time feels like hell. But even if this little task feels like a burden to you, remember to never carry a lot of things at once. Somehow, these damned things always find a way to slip out of your hand, even if you grip them as your life depends on you. So save yourself some trouble and don’t let the lazy part of yourself lead you to a small disaster. And here’s another great tip: never carry more than two cups at once. You’ll thank me later.

Always keep cotton pads at hand-reach

Cotton pads are very useful. And not just for removing makeup. I’m sure everyone experienced situations in which they were not paying enough attention while handling a cup of tea or coffee in front of their laptop, and it spilled all over the keyboard. This is the worst. You really need to clean it as fast as possible, but you just can’t reach the area. In this case, cotton pas quickly absorbs liquids and it can easily slip between the keys just fine. I also use them when I accidentally spill something on the sofa, as it absorbs all the wetness in no time.

Being clumsy: 3 helpful hacks to save your day

Being clumsy is a pain. I really get it. But maybe we can be a little sneaky too and prepare in advance for the troubles that we just know are coming. Sometimes, being neat and keeping all the things you carry safe from any harm as we learned the hard way that we can’t avoid small accidents happening. We got this.

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