3 Heartwarming Animes About Musicians


As my previous article presents some of my favourite Japanese traditional musical instruments, I thought that I shall give you some of the resources and places from where I found out about these wonderful things. So in this article, I will present to you 3 of my favourite animes and manga about music and how it is to be a musician, hoping that you too will go into the fascinating world of music. 

1. Nodame Cantabile – Anime About Classical Musicians
The Characters. Credit: to the artist

As my subtitle suggests, ‘Nodame Cantabile’ is a Japanese anime about musicians created by  Tomoko Ninomiya. The anime depicts the life of Shinichi Chiaki, the arrogant prodigy with a bright future that is bored by life and has a secret desire to be a conductor and Megumi Noda, called ‘Nodame’, an eccentric genius who go to the same university and have the aspiration to become successful artists. They will eventually fall in love and together will start raising each other up and will face their insecurities together and of course, their love story is met with a multitude of different challenges, specific to any josei animes.

2. Kono Oto Tomare!-Anime About a Koto Club
Cover of the manga. Credit: to the artist.

‘Kono Oto Tomare! The Sounds of Life’ is a manga made anime about a group of high school students who want to save their Koto-playing club. Written and Illustrated by Amyu, the story unfolds when a newly transferred delinquent  Chika Kudo saves the oldest and the only member of the traditional koto club, called  Takezo Kurata, from a group of bullies. 

Kudo will then join the club, as his late grandfather was its founder, in an attempt to understand why his family relative cared so much about this instrument. Later more interesting kids will join their club and they will have to face different challenges in order to keep it alive. This manga is a great source of information about the traditional koto and its origin.

3. Kids on the Slope – A Coming-of-age Anime
Kids on the Slope cover.png
“Cover to the final volume of the manga series. From top: Sentarō Kawabuchi, Kaoru Nishimi, and Ritsuko Mukae.” Credit: Wikipedia

  From the creator of my all-time favourite anime (about which I have briefly talked about in this article) and the one who opened my heart for jazz and soul music,  Shinichiro Watanabe, we have the amazing creation Kids on The Slope. Directed by Watanabe but written by Yuki Kodama and produced by Noriko Ozaki and Daisuke Konaka the anime is a slice-of-life, coming-of-age romance which gained quite the revere in the animate world both for the narration and the musical pieces, as the collaboration between Watanabe and Kanno (composer) proved to be as efficient as when they made Cowboy Bebop.

The story follows Kaoru Nishimi, an intelligent high schooler who encounters Sentarō Kawabuchi, a jazz enthusiast and later Ritsuko Mukae, the daughter of a record store owner. The anime is focused on their high school years and the relationships the three kids develop throughout them.


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