3 Great Songs: my favourites of 2020

2020 was a weird one. I was always inside, unproductive and pretty lonely. These circumstances, though, gave me a lot of time.
I had to do something to free my mind from all that was happening, so what else could I do than watch movies, read books and discovering new music? Now let me show you some of my favourite songs I’ve found in 2020.

 Wish you were sober – Conan Gray 

‘Wish you were sober’ is the fifth track on Conan Gray’s album ‘Kid Krow’. He wanted to write a song about ‘someone who would never tell me they liked me unless they were black out drunk’, at least that’s what he shared on Twitter.
Lyrics, music, vocals, they’re all here making such a good song for whether you’re sad, you need a friend or just want to listen to something great.

 dorothea – Taylor Swift

‘dorothea’ is the eighth track on Taylor Swift’s album ‘evermore’. Taylor herself said that Dorothea is ‘the girl who left her small town to chase down Hollywood dreams – and what happens when she comes back for the holidays and rediscovers an old flame.’
This song has such a calming effect, mostly from how Taylor narrates the lyrics. It only has two verses, but that’s what makes it even better. I love everything about dorothea, it feels just like a sweet dream.

 Teach me how to love – Shawn Mendes 

‘Teach me how to love’ is the fifth track on Shawn Mendes’ album ‘Wonder’. In his Netflix documentary, Shawn said that the song is about his girlfriend, Camila Cabello.
Shawn, once again, expressed how he feels about her in ‘Teach me how to love’ and it sounds amazing. The lyrics are good, Shawn’s voice better than ever and you’ll just want to fall in love. Or dance. I mean, why not both?
These are my favourite songs that I’ve been listening to in 2020, hope you’ll like them as much as I do.


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