3 Great Pilates YouTube Channels you must follow


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact type of workout which aims to strengthen your muscles while improving your posture and flexibility. It was developed by Joseph Pilates, a German who strongly believe that mental and physical health were connected.

It is great and suitable for all age groups at all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced level. Not only that it improves your posture, muscle tone, flexibility, and joint mobility, but it can also help you out by relieving stress and tension accumulated during the day.  For me, it is a journey to a better mind, a better body – and therefore, a better self.

Here are 4 YouTube Channels you can follow to start your fitness journey:

  1. Lottie Murphy

Lottie is a Pilates teacher for over 10 years, her channel offers a wide variety of workouts, from short, calming, and stretching to the core, to focused and full-length Pilates flows. There is a workout routine for everyone, from short to long videos, to weekly or monthly challenges.

This remains my favorite Pilates channel of all time because it is the very first channel I followed when I started learning about the effects of this type of workout.

  1. Blogilates

The person behind the account is Cassey Ho, a certified Pilates, and Fitness Instructor. There is a great variety for all fitness levels. Blogilates is among my favorite channels due to the full-body challenges that are uploaded frequently.

Furthermore, there is also a broad option on healthy nutrition, grocery shopping, training with weights. Do you love fitness challenges, but don’t know where to start? Chose one of Cassey’s videos! The fun part of the videos is the perfect combination between cardio and Pilates, where you can finalize a wedding tone challenge, or maybe you just want to sculpt your abs and wish to do a daily ab toning challenge or simply doing an all-in-one tone workout challenge – You can find everything on Blogilates!

  1. Move with Nicole

Nicole is a Barre & Pilates instructor and a Yoga/Fitness enthusiast! Her workout videos are very soothing, perfect for both starting and ending your day.

The shortest workout video is 10 minutes long, the longest 50. You can choose between a full-body workout, HIIT workouts, Pilates HIIT, Barre workouts using a chair, Pilates Yoga, Stretch & Cool down routines.

Pilates training does not only focus on training core strength, it trains the body as a whole. It is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, and you can also tailor some exercises to be fit for the individual needs of men. Practicing it tones your muscles and builds your strength without bulk.

It stimulates the spine and floods your body with good energy. The more you will exercise, the more energy you will have. And if you practice Pilates regularly, it will change your body and give you a leaner look, teaching you how to move with grace.

Furthermore, it connects your body with your mind. When we exercise, we give full attention to our body with each movement.

While doing this exercise, you strengthen and align your body – all at the same time. Adding it to your routine will help you reach that balance you were so long looking for.

Exercise and anxiety

When our body is under stress, our muscles may be tense, in particular our face, neck, shoulders, leaving us with stressful pain or even headaches. There are cases when you feel that you have a pounding pulse or even muscle cramps.

That’s why exercise, in general, may be the solution for you to break this cycle because it is an anti-anxiety antidote because it relieves tension and stress and releases endorphins. Try adding Pilates to your routine, and you’ll be able to interrupt the constant flow of worries and stress.



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