3 Gacha Games With a Promising Story


Who doesn’t love a good video game? There are just as many reasons to love them as there are fans, each one having their particular reasons for holding one dear. Many things come together to form an entertaining video game, such as a fun and engaging gameplay, a large and diverse cast of playable and non-playable character, a well-composed soundtrack, solid worldbuilding and so on. Whenever present, however, one aspect may trump them all: a compelling storyline.

Gacha games are often infamous for the gambling addiction they may instill in their playerbase. Despite their predatory model, however, and the fact that their main source of revenue is for the most part dependent on the new playable characters and items released, the story of a gacha game can be just as great a source of interest for the fans. Here’s a look into the storylines of thee ongoing gacha games which, while sometimes rough around the edges, are still plenty captivating and definitely worth your time!


Fate/Grand Order

The story of Fate/Grand Order is that of a young third-rate magus. You aren’t anything special, you were only chosen for a special top-secret program to fill in the ranks, and it was only by luck that you survived a terrible accident that nearly wiped out all other 48 Master Candidates. You didn’t run away thought, you comforted a dying girl and kept her company despite your life still being in great danger, and it’s because of this that both of you got away with your lives in the end. The world has ended, but you, the last Master of humanity, are still alive.

You must now travel back in time and undo the incineration of humanity. You are weak and the trials ahead of you spell imminent death, but your kindness is your greatest weapon. Your kindness saved that girl, and it is also your kindness that will help you forge indestructible bonds with many people during your adventure, who will join you and do everything within their capabilities to help you get closer to your goal, because you believe in the inherent good of humanity, and you believe in them, and they all believe in you in return.



The world is a cruel and unforgiving place. Oripathy, a deadly incurable disease, had taken countless lives, and those unlucky to be Infected are harshly discriminated against by the rest of society. Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company trying to find a cure for this plague on humanity, saved your life. You have no memories of who you were prior to being rescued from a city drowning in chaos, but your instincts as a field commander have not been dulled by years of hibernation.

As the Doctor of Rhodes Island, your mission is to ensure that nothing and no one will impede the cause of the Infected. Men hiding in the shadows want to use you for the benefit of their hidden agendas, and your life isn’t made any easier by the terrorist organization Reunion, also fighting for the rights of the Infected, albeit holding a much more extremist attitude. You aren’t alone, and the cause you fight for is a just one. You have another chance to fight for what’s right, so this time around fight against oppression without losing your humanity.


Genshin Impact

You have visited countless worlds with your sibling, but one you found you were unable to leave. The land was torn apart by war and destruction. You tried to flee, but a goddess stood in your way. She took your sibling and sealed you away, and by the time you woke up the war was over, but your powers and your sibling were gone. You don’t know how much time has passed, but you set out on an adventure across the land.

A goddess took your sibling away, so the Archons of this world may know something about it, but every time you visit a new nation you are roped into solving its problems, but no one can help you find your sibling. Something is wrong with this place and you know it, and with each step forward you feel as if you’re taking two more backwards, but you must strive to move on and reach the end of your journey, for only then will you know the truth of this world, only then will you be able to take your sibling by the hand and go home together.


Which of these three prospects do you find more entertaining? Or is there another you know that interest you more? At the end of the day they are still stories, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get attached to them. The more interesting a story, the more likely you are to stick with it to find out what happens next. Pretty good strategy coming from games specifically designated to take your money, isn’t it?


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