3 Fantastic Bands you should check out ASAP


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably tired of listening to the same bands again and again. We all say we need new music, but where to start? It seems like all the good stuff hides from us when we search for it. I’ve discovered my favorite contemporary artists by mistake while looking for background music.

I hope you’ll enjoy my top 3 cool bands, and you’ll give them a try. Here we go!


BABYMETAL is a Japanese musical project that started in 2010 with Suzuka Nakamoto as lead vocals and Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno (who left in 2018) as background vocals/dancers. As of 2012, BABYMETAL performs live along with the Kami band, which provides the backing music for the trio’s lively show.

When the teen trio entered the music industry in their Lolita-style dresses, nobody expected to become the symbol of kawaii metal. As the name suggests, it is a combination of metal rhythms, charismatic performances, and insane choreography. As one fan commented, ‘their music sounds like you’ve been punched in the face with a kitten,’ and I couldn’t agree more.

Their discography includes three albums:  Babymetal (2014), Metal Resistance (2016), and Metal Galaxy (2019). BABYMETAL has toured in the USA, Europe, and Japan, thus gathering an international fanbase.

BABYMETAL is one of the bands that sound and look way better live, so it’s only fair to leave here a live version of one of my favorite songs. ‘Megitsune’ is from their first album, which came out in 2014. Even though BABYMETAL has evolved a lot since then, I feel this song, in particular, is one of their best.

Since BABYMETAL is a product of Japanese society, you might understand their music better by reading this article about their culture.

2. The HU

Next on my list of cool bands I’ve found by mistake and fallen in love with: The HU! They are a Mongolian folk band founded in 2016. The four members (Gala, Jaya, Enkush, and Temka) created the band’s unique sound using traditional instruments, battle cries, and throat singing. Fortunately, their music videos have English subtitles, so you can easily follow the lyrics.

The HU has released their first album, Gereg, in 2019 and has teased that the second one will come out this year. They also plan to go on tour again if the global situation allows it. Until then, you can check out their official YouTube channel to get to know them better.

I should also point out that The Hu has played together with Lzzy Hale (‘Song of Women’) and Jacoby Shaddix (‘Wolf Totem’). Moreover, they covered and adapted Metallica’s well-known single, ‘Sad but True.’

‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ was their first song I’ve come across, and I’ve instantly liked the rhythm. I don’t think I’ve heard the Mongolian language before, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear how musical it can be. Listening to The HU made me realize that I should expand my knowledge of their culture and learn more about Asian history.

3. Vincas

The last one on my list of fantastic bands you didn’t know existed is Vincas. The American post-punk, deathrock quartet has released three albums: Blood Bleeds (2012), Deep in the Well (2016), and Phantasma (2020).

While their dark sound and enigmatic lyrics might not be for everyone, I find Vincas’ music enjoyable, especially since I’ve tried to expand the genres and the bands I listen to.

My favorite song is from their latest album, and it’s titled ‘The Witch.’ It has a synth vibe to it, and the repetitive chorus reminds me a bit of the 80’s goth bands. But then again, I’m not a music expert, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they are any good.


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