4 exciting ways to exercise


Starting to exercise? You have finally put on your tracksuit. You have found either a workout app or a fitness youtuber that fits your vibe and you just can’t wait to start doing all those exercises, eating healthy and getting that body-ody-ody going! You might have gotten a gym membership, eager to start the next day. And, for some time, you actually keep up with working out regularly.

But someday you may stop. You might get tired of all those exercises. Maybe there are days when you don’t want to leave the house or simply don’t feel like doing a workout routine. And you feel guilty and you might think of not even trying to get in some exercise anymore.

Fret not! I have some suggestions that will keep that exercise streak going, even if it’s not your usual workout.

Try out other sports


Maybe on the nose, but… try something else! Try running, if you are into it. Or maybe something like cycling, skateboarding, even swimming if you can. Sometimes we get so caught up into doing workout routines that we don’t allow ourselves to just do sports that are fun.

Hit up a friend and invite them to a badminton match. Or buy a cheap skateboard and try it out if you’ve always wanted to. Once we allow ourselves to diversify, we will have much more fun doing exercises and enjoy the workout routines even more afterwards!

Exercise by dancing

Dancing is sport! If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, you can always pop in your favorite albums and dance the day away. It doesn’t matter if you’re genuinely good at it, what matters is that you are getting in some movement and don’t let a day of low motivation getting you down.

If you want to combine both working out and dancing, there is an entire niche about it on YouTube. You can find a lot of dance workout routines that are very fun to do! You can choose from doing longer routines to even a song, and you’ll still be better off than just not doing anything at all.


Even walking is a pretty good exercise. You get to move your body a bit, you get some fresh air, you just keep getting better! Pop on some of that music you like or a podcast you’re really into and take a stroll, even if it’s no more than 5 minutes.

But if you can’t or don’t feel like leaving the house, there are even some walking videos. Yes, really. I have seen some videos, and from what I have seen, it combines walking with other low impact exercises that get you working your body and getting in a walk, all in your space and without even bothering someone that might be sleeping next to you.


Probably you already know that yoga comes with a lot of benefits, in all forms. It has a lot of beginner friendly poses, it is pretty cheap to do at home and it isn’t that tiring, even more, it’s actually revitalizing.

Yoga is something that I have done at the very least once a month in the past years. And it is mostly because yoga takes off that pressure of doing exercises perfectly. You can just do it at your own pace, with your own flexibility and you don’t feel bad if you can’t make “the perfect form” of an exercise. All that it matters is that you’re trying.

These are some of the ways I have been getting some exercise in those periods I have been feeling lazy or unmotivated to do a proper workout routine or hit the gym. We have some more articles on well-being and fitness, so don’t hesitate to check them out!



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