3 easy Korean food recipes

korean food recipes

Korean food is amazing, hearty and often times healthy. In general, Korean recipes are very beginner friendly, especially the three that I am going to talk about.

Asia offers a plentitude of different and interesting cuisines. But, no matter how much I experiment with flavors and tastes, I always come back to Korean cuisine for dishes that are easy to make and give me energy for the day. I wrote three great recipes for exactly this type of dishes.

These three easy Korean food recipes take at most 30 minutes to cook and yield delicious meals or sides that can be served with rice and not only. Moreover, these recipes are highly customizable, so you can easily eyeball most of the ingredients and still get a great result in the end.

Tuna pancakes

These are very simple and easy to make. In a bowl, combine two eggs, about 90 grams of canned tuna and add some vegetable of your choice. Carrot and cabbage work wonderfully, but I experimented with some broccoli and spinach as well. It’s okay to use whatever vegetables you have on hand, but I would recommend precooking them or at least blanching those who need it, such as broccoli. Chop the veggies.

After adding the vegetables, eggs and tuna, mix everything in a bowl and add some flour to thicken the mixture up. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt. I recommend experimenting with the flour, and see whether you prefer a breadier or an eggier pancake. You can serve this with some ketchup or a dipping sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar and sugar.

I wrote as little measurements here as possible, since I think this is great if you want to try eyeballing and “feeling” a recipe, adjusting it in order to suit your tastes. You can check out this video for a more exact recipe.

Korean fried chicken

Sweet, savory and spicy, but an all around flavor bomb! That’s how I would describe Korean fried chicken.

In order to make it, take about 600 grams of chicken. You can use any cut you wish, but I would recommend using chicken thighs, as they will stay juicy in the process. Cut them in bite-size pieces. Once you do that, add some salt and pepper and leave them in the fridge for about half an hour. You can add other spices, such as ground ginger, garlic or even a bit of white vinegar.

While the chicken marinates, you can make the dredge. There are special batter mixes for this dish, but you can easily make one yourself. To a bowl add 200 grams of flour, 50 grams of cornstarch and some baking powder. Mix in about the same quantity of water or adjust to your preferences. A thicker batter will result in a thicker crust. In another container prepare an equal amount of flour and cornstarch. Add a pinch of baking powder. Season this mix with salt and pepper, adding other condiments, such as ground garlic or ground ginger if so desired.

While you coat the chicken, put some oil in a deep pan, and fill it halfway through and heat it on medium-high. Take the chicken pieces out of the refrigerator and pour them into the dredge. Afterwards, put them in the flour-cornstarch mixture. Coat them evenly.

You need to test if the oil is hot enough before dumping the chicken in. In order to do that, you can put either a chopstick or a wooden kitchen utensil into the oil, and see if bubbles form around it. If you don’t have anything like that, you can throw a drop of the batter into the oil and see if it sizzles. If it does, the oil is ready.

Dump your chicken in. You can either fry it all at once or in batches, if you choose to cook more chicken than what I suggested. Stir constantly and cook the chicken for around 7 minutes, or until it gets a beautiful golden crust. Take the thickest piece out and test if it’s one.

After frying the chicken, make the sauce that’s going to coat them. Add about five tablespoons of ketchup, two tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 cloves of minced garlic and about 5 tablespoons of sugar. Ideally, you would put a tablespoon of Korean chili paste in the mix as well, but I found that some chili powder does the trick as well. Adjust anything to your liking.

Put the sauce in a pan and fry it until it gets a bit thicker. Afterwards, dump the chicken in and coat the pieces evenly. Ta-daaa, you have delicious Korean fried chicken! You can check out this video for a more detailed recipe.

Kimchi cucumbers

Everyone heard about kimchi by now and most have even tried it. No matter if you liked or disliked it, I still highly encourage everyone to make the cucumber version.

Get two large cucumbers or four smaller ones. Cut them up in thin slices and salt them. Afterwards, put them in the fridge for half an hour, so that the salt draws the moisture out and leaves the cucumber slices flexible.

While you’re waiting for the cucumbers, make the marinade. In a small bowl, combine 3 tablespoons of vinegar with 3 tablespoons of sugar, one of soy sauce, one clove of garlic and two tablespoons of Korean chili flakes or chili powder if that’s what you have.

After 30 minutes, throw away the accumulated water from the cucumber, rinse them out and combine them with the marinade. You can store them in the fridge for four days, but I doubt they will last this long. You can serve them over rice, as a side dish or as a quick little spicy snack.

These Korean food recipes are easy to make, quite affordable and more than that, they are great for some experimentation in the kitchen. You can see here more delicious recipes. Good luck!


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