3 easy foods to make at home (and not buy anymore)

easy foods to make

There are easy foods to make at home. I understand the comfort of being able to just pick up any food item from the aisle and use it when you like. I really do. But there is food out there that I just think is just worth more if you cook it in the comfort of your own house.

Today I will be writing about 3 easy foods to make at home.


3 easy foods to make at home (and not buy anymore)

Hummus is one of those foods you eat when you want to be healthy while still enjoying something that has flavor. And I love it. You can use it in sauces, you can eat it with veggies, you can spread it on toast.

But the first times I tried store bought hummus I was… disappointed to say the least. It had quite a bitter edge that I wasn’t particularly fond of. A can of chickpeas and some tahini later, and now I would eat hummus every day and I make it at home every week. Homemade hummus is creamy, flavorful, nutty and fluffy. It is one of the simplest easy foods to make at home. There are tons of recipes online, and I personally like to use this one. You can get daring with hummus and customize it to your heart liking. Also, it’s much cheaper to just make it at home.

Tomato sauce

3 easy foods to make at home (and not buy anymore)

I will preface this by saying that I don’t like store-bought tomato sauce. I have tried some, and every time it just didn’t do it for me.

However, if you are in my boat, you can go ahead and cook it at home. It is indeed much healthier, you can have a lot of add-ins, and, yet again, it’s cheaper. It’s even better if you use tomatoes from the food market. Here you go, you both have delicious sauce and support local businesses.

Vegan ice cream

3 easy foods to make at home (and not buy anymore)

I have watched a lot of non-vegan ice cream recipes. I ended up doing none of them because it just seemed way too difficult for something that I could just buy from the store in no time. I watched only one vegan ice cream recipe. I ended up preparing the ingredients for it the very next minute.

It is amazing how you can get such a luscious dessert just by blending bananas and adding other things you might already like. Once again, this possibly one of the cheapest easy foods to make at home. It is customizable and you have a greater chance of finding bananas at your store than vegan ice cream anyways.

This is my list of three simple foods you are better of just making at home. I hope you’ll try to make these foods from now on. For more information about food, check out our other articles!


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