3 DIY Face Masks for Clear Skin


They’re just as amazing at taking the stress out of a crappy day in the office as they are at banishing unsightly parched patches, minimizing pores, and zapping blemishes. Also, choosing a mask for your skin type can be a trip. By comparison, the idea of just delving into the stash of goodies in the kitchen makes this budget-friendly hack feels like a day at the spa. Get ready for beautiful at-home glow money can’t buy with these 3 DIY Face Masks for Clear Skin.

1. DIY The Nourishing Honey Mask

A flaky forehead is not a good look, but if your current moisturizer isn’t doing much to quench your dry skin, this homemade hydrating face mask would make a great difference.


  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • A handful of oats or oat bran


Honey is an excellent humectant, which means it helps skin retain moisture without feeling oily – but that’s not all. Avocado is also extremely hydrating. Massaged onto affected areas, it helps with the appearance of scars and increases both healing and tissue regeneration. Try not to eat it!

2. DIY Face Mask Recipe To Improve Uneven Skin Texture And Tone

You don’t need to spend megabucks on facials or stock up on scrubs to achieve super-smooth and supple skin. It will give a super glowy-silky look and it’s also made at home so you don’t need to wait to buy another one if you so far like it.


1 tablespoon of natural, plain yogurt
1 tablespoon of honey & 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder


Just like milk, yogurt is filled to the brim with lactic acid which makes a visible difference to the skin by lifting away rough and lackluster surface cells to uncover much newer, brighter ones. The ingredients for this next mask can be found in your fridge and will leave your face feeling oh-so-smooth. Turmeric is useful for combating pigmentation. Therefore, your skin will be perfect if you’ve been sun-worshipping a little too long.

3. Papaya Lightening Mask

If a dull and lackluster complexion is your biggest beauty bugbear, you need this mask in your life – and there isn’t a strong acid insight. Therefore, girls with sensitive skin would be happy to know about this mask! In conclusion, this mask is especially great for those who have hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and uneven skin tones.


1 tablespoon of cacao powder
1/4 papaya
A squeeze of Aloe Vera gel


Aloe Vera is filled to bursting with vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 which means its radiance-boosting, skin-soothing, and hydrating properties are pretty much unrivaled. Teamed with papaya – which is packed with exfoliating enzymes that will dissolve dead skin cells – it’ll take your face mask and your skin to the next level. Simply pop all three ingredients into a bowl, stir, after that leave on for ten minutes, and tissue off. In conclusion, Cacao Powder it also brightens and boosts circulation for a plump and pillowy look and feel.

These 3 masks are already on my list to DIY face masks and I was pleasantly surprised by their efficiency. Give them a try. Above all, you won’t regret it!


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