3 Detox Teas that helped me lose weight during quarantine

Detox Teas

Disclaimer: This worked for me and I know that detox can do more harm than good but these products helped me personally and I trust them!

I’ve been dealing with some issues when it comes to weight loss for a few years already and this time alone at home was a sign from God that I gotta do something for myself. Of course, I spent the first two or three weeks in bed eating only junk food and drinking gallons of soda, but I had to stop. After a few hours of research, I found some teas that were known for their detox miracles and, because I’m a curious little… thing, I ordered them. So, I’m gonna spill the tea for you; these are 3 Detox Teas that helped me lose weight during quarantine.

1. Everyday Detox Schisandra Berry

Taste: slightly sweet

Effective ingredients: dandelion & Schisandra berries

This tea was beyond my expectations. I used it for 8 days, two bags per day. I was a little confused at the beginning because I didn’t feel anything for the first two days, but I managed to lose almost 4 pounds in 8 days without working out and that’s a lot for someone who gains weight only drinking water.


  • Smells and tastes good
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Energy booster


  • Can cause allergic reactions, please check out the ingredients before using it.

2. V tea 14 Day Detox Tea

Taste: sweet and minty

Effective ingredients: burdock root, wild-crafted creosote, dandelion leaf, nettle leaf

This tea helped me a lot when I started working out, it gave me that little dose of energy and it made me feel physically and psychically better.  The results showed pretty fast, after the first week my skin was definitely softer and I just felt skinnier. I’ve bought it twice and I’ll do it again after I finish this box.


  • Improves sleep
  • Quick weight-loss
  • Reduces stress


  • It might take some time to get used to the flavor of the tea.

3. Total Tea Gentle Detox

Taste: sweet-sour

Effective ingredients: Chamomile, hibiscus, cinnamon, senna, rosehips, peppermint, ginger, papaya, echinacea

Last but not least, this one is my favorite. It tastes and smells like heaven. It’s such an energy booster, it even replaced my morning coffee. I started to notice an improvement in my energy levels and productivity after the first two-three days. 


  • Amazing taste
  • Stress relief 
  • Quick weight-loss
  • Caffeine-free


  • May cause some light stomach cramps initially but after a few minutes, they’re gone.

So this is how I lost 14 pounds during quarantine. These amazing teas and daily workout made me feel better with my own body. While detox is not for everyone, it really helped me in losing weight, boosted my immune system and made me feel overall better.

If you feel like detox is not for you, but you want to better a part of your body to feel good about yourself, try reading this article on how to improve the health of your hair!


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