3 Delicious TikTok recipes that went viral during quarantine


Had you asked me pre-Covid for my TikTok account, I would have just stared at you confused, not having a clue what TikTok was. Just to be clear, I am from the older generation. I grew up watching all of today’s most popular social apps as they were being created. So, please excuse me if I can’t keep up with the new ones which are being created every minute of every day.

But then quarantine happened, and I was no longer a stranger to this app. One day, I “accidentally” stumbled upon the app’s food content.
 I would try out a new recipe almost every single day, most of which went viral in a matter of hours. Here are the most talked-about TikTok recipes so far. 

Forget about Cocoa Puffs when you can have nature’s cereal 

Initially created by Sherwayne Mears (on TikTok goes under @natures_food), nature’s cereal caught everyone’s attention, including celebrities, among which singer Lizzo. Mears’ cereal is a bowl of fruits, or more specifically, a mix of berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries) and pomegranate, all floating in coconut water. Is it the healthiest meal I’ve seen on TikTok? Yes. Is it freaking refreshing? Heck yes! Is it the most affordable one? Absolutely not.

As far as Europe is concerned, when not in season, berries are awfully expensive. Buying them every week is a big no, otherwise, I would undoubtedly go broke. But once in a while, I do try to switch my usual cereal meal with nature’s cereal, especially now in the warmer months of the year when berries can be found in abundance. 

Not your usual tortilla wrap 

The tortilla wrap is the newest food trend everyone has been talking about. I’ve seen it on so many TikTok and Instagram accounts, and even on YouTube. It is all over the internet, yet I still wasn’t able to find out who’s the original creator. The recipe calls for four ingredients of your choice.

You divide the tortilla into four sections, fill in each of these sections with one of the ingredients, cut a line between two ingredients, and then start folding the sections on top of each other. The verdict is the following: it’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s super-duper delicious! It’s a dish that can be served at any meal: an easy breakfast, a lazy lunch, or a comforting dinner. 

The feta pasta 

During these last couple of months, people have gone bonkers about the feta pasta dish, and I couldn’t understand why until I gave it a chance and made it myself. The feta pasta’s inventor is still unknown. However, according to internet sources, it seems that it has originated in Finland. Thus, many trace the recipe back to Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen (check out her Instagram account @liemessa).

I love the simplicity of this recipe. It’s almost effortless, yet at the end, you get a creamy, flavorful pasta dish. While the pasta cooks, put a block of feta cheese and a bunch of cherry tomatoes in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Don’t forget to season well. Then mix the pasta with the baked feta cheese. You’ll devour the dish within seconds. 


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