3 cute ways to surprise your dog

3 cute ways to surprise your dog

Dogs give us so much joy. They are loyal,  love us unconditional  and are always there to comfort us when we feel down. These are obvious reasons why a dog is regarded as  a man’s best friend. And in addition to this, they are so cute and silly that no matter what , we just can’t stay sad for too long while in their company.

3 cute ways to surprise your dog

I have always had a soft spot for them. These adorable bundles of joy never cease to make me smile and help me take my mind of everyday’s stress and problems. There are so many little things they o for us and I think  it’s only fair we do something nice for them from time to time. It doesn’t have to be something complicate, just to show that we also care.

Here are 3 simple ways to make your dog happy.

1. Prepare a gourmet meal for them.

There are many different recipes on the internet that show you step by step how to me a extravagant looking dish for your four-legged friend which contain simple but nutritious ingredients. Spare a cute plate for them and don’t forget to add a final touch, as any other great chef would do. They also deserved to be treated like a vip from time to time and from my experience the look of surprise and pure joy on their faces it’s definitely worth it.

3 cute ways to surprise your dog

2. Buy them a puppy cake

As sugar is not good for the, not to mention other possible poisonous ingredients we need to be careful about feeding them as chocolate, but luckily for us there are many shops that sell amazing deserts made especially for them. They are so cute, the doggies enjoy them and you don’t have to worry about whether or not it would them any harm. Just like you treat yourself with a snack from time to time you shouldn’t forget about these little cuties as well.

3 cute ways to surprise your dog

3. Pretend your leaving for work, but give in when they try to persuade you

We all have experienced that feeling of pure guilt when we really have go to school, or work and we leave them feeling sad and alone. But if you happen to have a free day and you plan on lazing around the house with your pupper you can try this little trick. They are so wonderstruck when they see you give in and choose to stay with them instead, and also that look of pride as they think they managed to persuade you it’t too much to handle. It always melts my heart.

3 cute ways to surprise your dog

No matter what simple thing you choose to do in order to surprise your dog and make them really happy for a change, the results are always worth it. Remember that they are simple, affectionate beings who enjoy your attention and company more than anything.

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