3 cute Japanese sweets you definitely need to try


It’s not a secret that Japanese sweets are incredibly cute. Almost everyone loves dessert, especially when their design it’s really adorable too. Who could resist something so appealing?

If you are really fond of the Japanese culture and have a sweet tooth too, browsing the internet for kawaii pastries may be your hobby, as well as mine. And sometimes is really hard to decide what to get. When you want to try something new that also tastes really good but you’re afraid of choosing something too crazy that won’t suit your taste, I got you covered.

Here are 3 incredibly cute Japanese sweets you can’t go wrong with.

1. Pocky

Everyone loves them. Pocky is essentially cookie strings dipped in different sweet creams. They are an iconic Japanese snack that comes in a variety of flavors, including matcha, strawberry, and chocolate. Poky has such a delicate design and a subtle taste. I personally love them because they are just so tiny and give me that small and adorable vibe. If you want to feel like you’re in your favorite anime and just daydream about living in Japan and eating snacks with your friend, this is just the thing for you. And the package is like a piece of art. It’s like there’s a competition between the brands to make the most pretty wrapping.

2. Taiyaki

These cakes that look just like a little fish are not only pretty but very tasty too. I personally love the ones filled with red bean paste, they are really sweet but without having a strong sugary taste. And the puffiness reminds me of a pancake. There are many flavors like ice cream, custard, chocolate, even matcha! Taiyaki are so good you won’ be able to stop at just one.

3. Mochi

It might seem like a cliche, but there’s no doubt they are really yummy. These glutinous rice cakes are filled with different flavors. I really love the matcha ones, because they taste soo fresh, and the red bean paste ones, too. But they also happen to have more interesting fillings like peanut, black sesame, vanilla or mango, and even sakura. And if you are feeling daring, you can try the strawberry daifuku ones. They are just so precious, not to mention delicious!

It’s really hard to pick a favorite when every dessert looks like something out of dreamland. Of course there are a lot more adorable Japanese sweets, like wagashi that have different shapes, dango, and Takenoko No Sato that are essentially little chocolate-covered biscuits meant to look like bamboo shoots. No matter what you choose, Japanese sweets are definitely worth a try.

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Thumbnail image source: byfood.com


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