3 cool hobbies to try this fall

2021 is almost done, but there’s still time to pick up some new hobbies. 
The world might still be an uncertain place, but in the end, it’s up to you to decide whether or not something in your life has to change. I personally think that having a new hobby is a nice way of shaking things up. So, here’s a list of hobbies that you should try this fall:

1. Knitting

Yes, you read that right. Knitting is something you can do when you’re spending most of your days at home. It is satisfying and calming. And it is not as hard as it seems. Imagine making something with your own hands instead of buying it! Isn’t that great? Also, there comes a great feeling of accomplishment after you’re done with your masterpiece. Be it a scarf, a blanket, a bag, a pillow, etc. Knitting is also great for keeping your mind focused as you try to memorize different knitting techniques and stitch patterns.
If you don’t want to take up knitting, you could choose embroidery or crocheting, which are equally interesting hobbies!

2. Start a bookstagram

I decided to write about this hobby because one of my friends has recently started running a bookstagram. What is that, you may ask? A bookstagram is an Instagram account dedicated to books. If you like photography as well, starting a bookstagram is a great hobby to pick up this year. Mixing up your love for reading and photography will definitely lead to an aesthetic Instagram feed.

With the right filters and high-quality shots, your bookstagram can easily draw in book lovers. As for your captions, you should talk about your books, what else you have been reading lately, and maybe talk about the things you do in your daily life. Most importantly, don’t forget to engage with your followers and make sure you use the right hashtags!


3. Jewelry making

Do you remember when everyone used to make their own jewelry back in middle school? Some of my classmates actually used to sell their creations for a very small price. Now is the perfect time to get back into making jewelry (the proper way). If you’re creative enough, you could sell yours online, as most people do nowadays. Buy some jewelry-making supplies, such as beads, pearls, charms, pendants, gemstones, etc.

You will also need some tools, like pliers, wire cutters, burnishers, and many more. Resin is also very popular these days. People love handmade accessories, and if you’re lucky enough, you could start commissioning people when it comes to personalized requests. You can also create social media accounts to promote your hobbies.


This fall, keep yourself occupied with new hobbies, but don’t force yourself to do it just for the sake of doing something! Find something that you really want to do and if you’re lucky enough you could make money out of it. But most importantly, have fun!


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