3 Cheap Makeup Brands You Should Know About

Cheap makeup brands

When we talk about the best makeup brands we know of, generally drugstore makeup gains a mention due to its affordability and accessibility. Being able to run into your nearest local pharmacy on the corner and grab a new lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, foundation — or anything really — sometimes really is a revelation when you really need it. However, more often than not the spotlight tends to fall on a select number of mainstage brands, whilst a bevy of brilliant budget buys remains largely unnoticed and under the radar of the beauty stratosphere. So here are 3 cheap makeup brands you’ll definitely love.

1. E.l.f

It was launched in New York in 2004 by American celebrity and beauty professional, Scott-Vincent Borba, (the man behind Hard Candy’s cosmetics line). It begun with the mission to provide customers with quality cosmetics at super low prices. E.L.F. is luxury makeup at an affordable price. What I like about the brand is that while its products might not be the type I reach for every day, it has a really strong sense of what it is. There’s never a launch that seems like it’s reaching for relevance or a viral moment. In fact, you’ll often hear of E.L.F. in many conversations about dupes for more expensive brands.

2. L.A. Girl

Everyone’s favorite $3 concealer comes from a collection that doesn’t get nearly enough hype. A growing collection of beautiful formulas for complexion, eyes, lips, and nails that offer long wear and a killer shade range definitely should not be overlooked. Oh, did I mention the also offer a full range of brushes, too? In short, it’s the epitome of creative, affordable, and professional makeup.

3. Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that has been taking the beauty world by storm, with them now owning over 500 international stores. Whilst their prices may be ‘budget’, their packaging and products are anything but cheap. Kiko Milano is a gorgeous collection, affordable or otherwise. The brand’s products feel luxurious, wear well, and look so beautiful that you barely want to use them.

Beauty tends to be one of those markets where price really can skew one’s perspective anyway, with luxury rice tags tricking you into thinking that just because it’s expensive that it will work. Cheap makeup brands are worth it! If these are not among your favorites you should give them a try! You won’t regret it.


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