3 captivating art related movies worth seeing (part 2)

3 captivating art related movies worth seeing (part 2)
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When it comes to art related movies, there are some amazing productions that have won the hearts of cinephiles over the years. If you are passionate about movies and you also like learning some insights about your favorite artist or about art history, these are some of the beautiful productions that I enjoyed watching and totally recommend.

Renoir (2013)

“Renoir” is a French movie directed by Gilles Bourdos, that portrays the last years of the great Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, played by the famous French actor Michel Bouquet. The action takes place in his dream-like farm Les Colletes, in the Côte D’Azur. We have here the chance to take a closer look at how the artist managed to work, despite his rheumatoid arthritis, and what inspired him.

3 captivating art related movies worth seeing (part 2)
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This is also a movie with a touching love story between Renoir’s new model Andrée Heuschling and one his three sons, Jean, who came back injured from war.

The movie’s peaceful atmosphere is rendered though the magically captured scenes by the Taiwanese cinematographer Mark Ping Bing Lee. The luminous picturesque landscape inspires 74 old Renoir to paint at his own pace, while enjoying the last years of his life.

The Best Offer (2013)

“The Best Offer” can be seen as an art psychological thriller written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, who will captivate you since the first minutes. It tells the story of the peculiar auctioneer Virgil Oldman, played by Geoffrey Rush, who is very successful and known for his amazing abilities in evaluating art. The story becomes fascinating when he is contacted by a mysterious woman who needs her parent’s art collection to be evaluated.

3 captivating art related movies worth seeing (part 2)
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As good as he is in his career, Virgil is also a loner, who made an obsession out of collecting women portraits and admiring them in his personal museum-like house.

The movie is also captivating by the exploration of human psychology and relations, but also by the opera soundtrack and the work of arts that are present in almost every scene, transporting you in a decor resembling a dark academia atmosphere.

Georgia O’Keeffe (20019)

This movie is an interesting representation of Georgia O’Keeffe, an American painter, considered one of the greatest modernist artists from the XX century. We have here the occasion to take a close look in her work life, as well in her marriage with the much older photographer Alfred Stieglitz (Jeremy Irons). Her role is played by Joan Allen.

3 captivating art related movies worth seeing (part 2)

Georgia O’Keeffe’s mental struggles, as well as her journey is well captured here. We have scenes that show her painting her famous close-up flowers, as well as her artistic awakening in New Mexico.

I find this movie very touching and also, a great way to discover this amazing and talented painter, that I didn’t know about before.




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