3 Best Tim Burton Films You Can Watch For Halloween

tim burton- halloween

Considering Halloween is just around the corner, I will give you my favourite 3 films from Tim Burton to get you into the holiday’s spirit and maybe to give you some cozy spooks as well. As we are patiently waiting for the wonderfully scary night of Halloween and wonder: “What can I do to spook me to the bones?”  I will propose to you some alternatives to the mainstream films we are all so acquainted with. But first of all, let’s hear a little about the author as well.

  • The Life of Tim Burton:

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Tim Burton, born in 1958, is an American film director, producer and writer who integrated into his artistic style gothic elements, making this manifestation a signature of his artistry. His style and vision gained him an apprenticeship at Disney Studios, for the animation department from where he become renowned in the field. His films will gain all acclamations from then on. Now let’s see 3 of his best-renowned films which will make your Halloween so much funnier.

  • Corpse Bride

Corpse bride (2005) is an animation film directed by Tim Burton having into the spotlight Victor van Dort, a newly rich fishmonger’s son enamoured with Victoria Everglot, the daughter of a poor aristocratic family which seek to marry her off fast with Victor so they can consume his fortune. A lot of things happen and Victor because of ruining their wedding vows, runs to a nearby forest in order to rehearse them once more.

While chanting his vows, he places the ring on a tree’s branch and thus awakens the curse of the corpse bride, a girl killed during her wedding night who search for his forever lover. And thus the adventure into the world of the dead begins. This movie is a bitter-sweet, spooky, failed romance that will give you both the butterflies and the creeps. I highly recommend it, should you want a good classic for Halloween. 

  • Frankenweenie

A modern interpretation of the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly, the movie Frankenweenie(2012) follows the story of Victor Frankenstein, a kid scientist who lives with his parents and their house pet, a dog called Sparky. They are best friends until Sparky is hit by a car while running to return Victor’s ball. Victor stricken by the loss of his friend follows the experiment of his science teacher, Mr Rzykruski, and digs up his dog to revive it with electricity. The dog awakens and their real adventure commences. 

  •  The Nightmare Before Christmas

This classic is a must for everyone who wants a perfect Halloween night. The Nightmare Before Christmas is my absolute favourite, for it is both an amazing Christmas and Halloween film and you can watch it wholeheartedly whenever you want. The film(1993) follows the story of Sally and Jack Skellington, the king of “Halloween Town”. They will have a lot of adventure because of their mistake of mixing up Christmas and Halloween and will eventually fall in love.


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