3 awful beauty products promoted by influencers that flopped

Beauty products

The beauty industry is well-known by everyone and we can all agree to its importance nowadays. From vitamins to make-up products, the whole world is using them. In the past two years, influencers have been promoting beauty products that failed miserably. Be aware of who you trust on social media!

1.Plush Bio Cosmetics

This brand is manufactured in Romania and it made a huge sensation when a lot of influencers started to call these beauty products a miracle for acne. They would affirm it works even for a mild one. The entire mockery lasted until this year. A Romanian TV show star decided to spill the tea and revealed some shocking information about the brand and its products.

From reliable sources it was found out that the producer, Ioana Marinescu, wasn’t even a dermatologist or esthetician. Despite that she created skincare routines for mild acne skin that promised results in a few months. They were pretty expensive and caused a disaster on the customers’ skin. She was giving treatment for acne relying on the pictures the girls sent to her on social media — wait, what?

The customers started a riot on social media posting pictures with their skin before and after using the Plush Bio Cosmetics. As you can imagine, the results were not good. Despite their complaints, the Romanian influencers continued to promote the products. This resulted in a controversy, as they did it in exchange for great sums of money.

At the moment, the steps for the trial against Plush Bio Cosmetics have already begun.

2. SugarBear Hair

These majestic gummy bears promise to help you grow shiny, healthy hair, like the models on Instagram have. Their popularity skyrocketed when entrepreneur and influencer Kylie Jenner called them her “favorite hair care secret”. Soon after, orders started to flow and the product became a bestseller.

Despite the great popularity Kylie gave the gummy bears, experts and hair professionals have expressed their skepticism. They also proved that SugarBear products aren’t those “wonder products” you have been looking for.

The European Commission has found it contributes to maintaining normal hair, which encourages overall healthier hair growth. But nothing that could make your hair grow magically quicker.

3. Flat Tummy CO.

In May 2018, Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram eating a lollipop. That way she promoted a company named Flat Tummy CO. This company is creating weight loss products, including meal replacement shakes. Kim Kardashian was promoting their appetite suppressant lollipops, claiming she was so obsessed with them.

Kim’s post created a wave of hate because she encouraged with subtlety so many young eyes to stop eating. Instead of promoting healthy eating habits, she promoted appetite suppressants. Her promotion and the company were creating unrealistic standards. We could say it even encouraged unhealthy dietary habits. That could have been followed by eating disorders and anxiety in young people looking up to Kim Kardashian as a model.

Stop believing everything on social media

From my point of view, you need to choose the influencers that are promoting good products for you. Try to differentiate between those who are promoting things just for money and those who want to help. If you are having a medical condition like acne or you want just to change the way you eat and live, contact someone specialized in that specific domain. Do not look for advice on influencers’ pages. Some of the things they are “selling” on the internet are not going to work. You are going to be just another customer on the list — so, another source of money for the companies.

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