3 amazing underrated classics for literature lovers


‘Classics’ is a term commonly used to describe incredible works of literature that have influenced the craft through their remarkable cultural impact. Love them or hate them, classics have played a huge part in shaping the mentality standing at the base of the era they were born into. Nevertheless, some fascinating volumes are bound to get lost in the maelstrom of changing opinions and shifting trends. Here are 3 awesome underrated classics that should not vanish off the shelves.

  1. ‘Madame Bovary’ by Gustave Flaubert, a literary gem among the classics

Gustave Flaubert is a master of his craft. His sensible and observing nature seems to linger behind every intricate description and dramatic monologue. The book turned into a hit once it was published. Through his protagonist, Emma Bovary, Flaubert illustrates the struggles and ordeals 19th century women were forced to live through so well, that many women thought themselves to be the inspiration behind the Frenchman’s novel. To this, the author replied:’ Madame Bovary c’est moi’.

Flaubert uses the hidden details and devices of real life, that only the keen eye notices, to convey strong emotions and feelings. The familiar scenery, raw portrayal of life and vivid depictions of stereotypical characters make the reader feel like he is actually reading about the experiences of a personal acquaintance.

  1. ‘Memoirs of Hadrian’ by Marguerite Yourcenar, the life long work of a genius

This internationally acclaimed literary project follows the life of Emperor Hadrian from his childhood until the moment of his death.  It is told from a first person perspective and might as well have been recounted by the Emperor himself.

Yourcenar started writing the script at the age of twenty and took five years to perfect her rough scripts and turn them into a single story. However, she found the final product unbearably unsatisfactory and decided to start over again. For twenty years she struggled to slip into Hadrian’s thoughts and understand the emperor. At the age of forty, ‘Memoirs of Hadrian’ hit the prints and the incredibly accurate portrayal of the emperor’s tumultuous life fascinates both scholars and readers to this very day.

  1. ‘The Nibelungenlied’, a fascinating medieval epic

This is one of my favorites. The medieval epic poem written sometime in the thirteen century has managed to survive for a remarkable amount of time. It is still one of the most valuable works of German literature and not only does it offer a fascinating fairy-tale-like epic story, but it also provides an insight into medieval German culture and customs.

History nerds, scholars, avid and casual readers have been taken in by the story of Siegfried, the brave, noble prince, and Kriemhilda, the beautiful and righteous princess. The two fall hopelessly in love and go to great lengths just to spend life alongside one another, fighting all foes that stand between them. However, their love is not far lived and the death of one lover triggers the wrath of the other.

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