3 amazing study tips to get work done efficiently


We have all been there at some point, trying helplessly to get some studying done, but our minds can’t seem to cooperate. As frustrating as this can be, it is actually a common phenomenon. But don’t fret, a studying slump can be cured effectively. Here are four tips to jump back into a productive studying routine!

  1. A change of scenery

A change of scenery doesn’t necessarily mean traveling a long way just to peruse your lecture notes on an exotic beach. You can go to a nearby café, park or even move from your bedroom to the kitchen. If, like me, you are a student and you live in a dorm, you can try studying in the common areas, such as the library or studying room, provided your university offers such facilities.

Changing your surroundings can help your brain assimilate information better. Additionally, it forces you to take up studying habits you would never have discovering when revising lessons in your usual spot. Although this tip is a bit tricky for some, it can work miracles if practiced correctly.

  1. Study regularly

Don’t try cramming enormous amounts of information into your brain a few hours before a big exam. That will never play out well.  Our minds have not been designed to soak in lots of information at once. This will only blur out your already existent knowledge of the subject.

Try studying slowly, gradually. Set a schedule and stick to it. Go through your lessons a short time after they have been taught in class. Check your notes daily and exercise as much as you can. Nothing trains the mind better than practical knowledge.

  1. Be active in class

Teachers and professors are not monsters. While some of them can be more hot-headed, most of them will appreciate students taking an interest in their class. Don’t shy away from questions and discussions. If you don’t understand the lessons in class, chances of grasping them at home on your own are slim.

At the beginning of high school, I was something of a wallflower. I never raised my hand in class and often allowed my mind to wander elsewhere while the teachers were explaining the lessons. Needless to say, my grades were not the best. After I started taking an active interest in my classes and participating in discussions with the teacher, my grades immediately improved.

  1. Light up a candle

This is more of a bonus tip that has always worked for me. Every time I light a candle before commencing a study session, I know the next few hours are going to be very productive. I think this tip has more to do with turning your study experience into a pleasant journey than anything else. Find what works best for you and what soothes your mind, then use it to your advantage.

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